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Sep 22, 2022

PC gaming is one of those hobbies that require a plethora of research. Everything from piecing together the components of the actual PC build, to accommodating the internal specs with peripherals. Making sure to use high-quality accessories is essential in getting the most out of your computer. YeYian Gaming has made a name for itself in recent years. Since 2017, YeYian has been supplying gamers with their line of pre-built gaming PCs, peripherals, and computer components. Today, the company proudly presented their latest gaming monitor to the public; The Sigurd Series 2503.  The YeYian Sigurd Series 2503 gaming monitor features a curved 23.8″ LED display. The screen is a full 1080p HD display, complete with a 1ms response time and 200Hz refresh rate. The monitor supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, resulting in an increased FPS without screen tearing.
Gamer’s comfort was a crucial component in the development of the YeYian Sigurd 2503.  All aspects of the Sigurd 2503 were designed with its ergonimics in mind, which allow for longer gaming sessions while also avoiding the typical neck and shoulder pains that are associated with prolonged usage.
With an MSRP of $169.99 USD, YeYian’s latest monitor is an incredibly affordable option. The YeYian Sigurd series 2503 23.8-inch curve gaming monitor is available now on Amazon, Newegg, and the store’s official webstore. Each SIGURD Series 2503 is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, further proving YeYian’s priorities on customer satisfaction.
“The comfortable gaming sessions are the gold standard for making a good gaming monitor stand out from the competition. The SIGURD series 2503 curved gaming monitor is crafted for an immersive gaming experience. With enhanced visibility provided by wide viewing angles and an extremely fast 200Hz refresh rate. To help increase performance and alleviate eyestrain, the SIGURD series 2503 supports FreeSync, and G-Sync and features YEYIAN’s Low Blue Light Technology coupled with an anti-glare coated screen. All of these unique features are designed to provide the best gaming experience by protecting the gamer and offering comfortable and long-lasting gaming sessions. It is also a great choice for all types of gamers.” – Frank Lee VP of YEYIAN
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