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<p>More retailers are expected to have fresh stock this morning</p>

More retailers are expected to have fresh stock this morning

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The Xbox series X launched last November, but supply problems have slowed production of Microsoft’s next-generation console to a trickle.

The cheaper and less powerful Xbox series S is relatively easy to find in UK stores, but the flagship Xbox series X console continues to be sold out everywhere. The few consoles that do make it to the shelves sell out quickly too, which is why we launched this Xbox series X stock tracker.

If you’re on the hunt for Microsoft’s newest console, don’t worry. We’ll be bringing you all the latest developments on Xbox series X stock drops as and when they happen, as well as any news on predicted restock dates.

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Check stock from UK Xbox series X retailers below:


How to fix an Xbox One black screen of death

Are you on the hunt for an Xbox series X because your Xbox One has suffered the dreaded “black screen of death”? This happens when Xbox Live glitches and wipes out half of the dashboard, preventing you from launching games or doing anything useful with your console.

Well far be it from us to torpedo your excuse for upgrading, but there are a few things you can try to bring your faithful Xbox One back from the brink.

  • Perform a hard reset by holding the power button down for 10 seconds while the Xbox One is on, then press the power button again.
  • Press the home button on your controller and immediately switch tabs using the left or right shoulder button.
  • If all else fails, factory reset your console from the settings menu. You can choose to keep your games and apps.

And if that doesn’t work, stick with our Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog and grab the first next-generation console you can.

Steve Hogarty23 July 2021 10:14


Where is the Xbox series S in stock?


We don’t track the availability of the Xbox series S, for the simple reason that it’s pretty easy to find this version of the console.

The Xbox series S is the less powerful version of the Xbox series X. It runs the same games, but at lower resolutions and with some of the fancier graphics options dialled down or switched off. It also doesn’t have a disc drive, so you can’t play physical games, only those that you download.

For that reason the series X is considered the “true” next-generation Xbox, and the more powerful console is in much higher demand. This means it’s relatively easy to find the Xbox series S in stock online. Here are a few spots you can pick one up today.

  • Xbox series S with 3 month game pass + white controller bundle: £329,
  • Xbox series S with optional extras: £249.99,
  • Xbox series S: £248.89,

Steve Hogarty23 July 2021 09:46


Is the Xbox series X in stock at Very?

Where else might we see an Xbox restock today?

Very had the Xbox series X in stock as recently as 20 July. Once customers navigated their way out of the retailer’s waiting room, they could choose from one of a number of optional bundles, including three months of Game Pass and an additional controller.

The retailer is currently selling the less powerful Xbox series S (£249.99,, with similar options available on bundles and add-ons.


Very is also selling the Xbox series X elite wireless controller series 2 (£159.99,

Steve Hogarty23 July 2021 09:12


Where is the Xbox series X in stock today?

Based on previous restocking patterns, and with a hefty dollop of speculation, we predict the next Xbox series X restock will happen at or Amazon UK.

The Xbox series X was last in stock at on 13 July, and was sold as part of a bundle costing £614. The bundle included a charging dock, extra controller and wireless gaming headset. Bundles tend to stay in stock longer as they’re slightly more expensive and less appealing to scalpers as the bundled accessories eat into their potential profit.

This drop happened at midday, so pay close attention to AO today when the clock strikes noon.

On 14 July, Amazon UK had a small number of Xbox series X consoles available (£449.99,, which were quickly snapped up by shoppers.

Steve Hogarty23 July 2021 08:55


Follow our liveblog for the latest Xbox series X restock news

Bonjour tout le monde, Xbox hunters!

Ready for another day of Xbox series X stock tracking? Stick with us as we take the legwork out of finding Microsoft’s elusive next-gen console, as we monitor every UK online retailer to alert you to new Xbox series X restocks as soon as they happen.

This week we’ve already had Xbox restocks at Argos and Very. And last week we brought you live news of a John Lewis and Amazon restock.

New Xbox series X consoles are popping up more regularly now, which suggests we could see another big drop before the week is out.

When new stock does appear it sells out quickly, so be sure to stick with us for the latest Xbox news and updates.

Here’s a picture of an Xbox, just to remind you what we’re fighting for.


Steve Hogarty23 July 2021 08:20


Xbox series X stock trackers, signing off

They say no news is good news, which means that today must have been pure, untrammelled joy for anyone trying to buy an Xbox series X.

We haven’t had the faintest suspicion of an Xbox restock from any of the retailers under our watchful gaze, which is frankly rude of them.

Amazon Canada currently has the Xbox series X in stock – the Canadians are going wild about it – but sadly the same can’t be said for Amazon UK.

Could this indicate another Amazon UK restock on the horizon? We think it might, and as fresh Xbox series X stock is popping up with increasingly regularity, we think it won’t be too long before another retailer receives an allocation of Microsoft’s next-generation console.

Join us again tomorrow to be one of the first to know when that happens.

Steve Hogarty22 July 2021 16:50


Is Game Pass better than PlayStation Now?

Microsoft and Sony both offer their own games subscription services. PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass give players the option to pay a flat monthly fee to access a rolling library of hundreds of games, rather than purchasing games outright. Subscribers also get discounts on new games.

Launched back in 2017, Game Pass was widely billed as gaming’s answer to Netflix. The service unlocks a library of more than 100 games, which subscribers are free to download and play at their leisure so long as they keep paying their subscription fee.

But is Game Pass actually worth the money? Have a read of our explainer and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Steve Hogarty22 July 2021 16:20


Want a PS5 instead?

Had enough of trying to track down an Xbox series X? You might have better luck crossing the floor and buying a PS5.

Sony’s next-generation console is also facing serious supply chain issues, but this week has seen a number of major retailers restock the PS5, and we’re expecting even more to happen shortly.

To be in with a chance of buying either next-generation games console, you need to know where to look and when to expect new stock to arrive. That’s why we’ve also launched a PS5 stock tracking liveblog to help you keep on top of new stock as soon as it appears.

Steve Hogarty22 July 2021 15:32


When will Amazon have the Xbox series X in stock?


Amazon was one of only two UK retailers to get the Xbox series X back in stock last week. On 14 July, Amazon UK had a small drop of the Xbox series X (£449.99,, which was quickly snapped up by stock hungry shoppers.

Before that, Amazon last had the Xbox series X in stock on 29 June. In the run up to that drop, Amazon made it possible for customers to pre-order the console ahead of new stock arriving, so by the time the series X was available it had already sold out.

Amazon recently limited sales of new PS5 consoles to Amazon Prime customers, a precedent that could also be extended to Microsoft’s next-generation console if these supply issues persist. Check out our PS5 stock tracking liveblog for more updates on Sony’s console.

Steve Hogarty22 July 2021 14:49


Which Xbox headset is best?

While we wait for more Xbox series X stock to pop up, let’s have a look at what’s included in the box. Or, more accurately, what isn’t.

The Xbox series X doesn’t come with a headset, but it’s compatible with all existing headsets for the Xbox One. You can also use your usual wired or wireless headphones, either by plugging into the headphone jack on the Xbox controller or connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth.


Microsoft produces an official Xbox wireless headset (£89.99,, which can seamlessly pair with your Xbox series X for crystal-clear voice chat with your friends online. But third-party manufacturers make wireless headsets in a vast array of styles.

Steve Hogarty22 July 2021 13:53

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