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Update: According to an email sent to customers, Currys will restock the Xbox series X this week.

Now eight months since launch, the Xbox series X continues to be mired in supply chain problems, making it almost impossible for shoppers to find Microsoft’s next-generation console in stock online.

The cheaper Xbox series S is easier to find in most UK stores, but the more powerful Xbox series X is in higher demand. New stock appears sporadically and sells out in minutes.

If you want to know where to buy an Xbox series X today, we’ve got you covered. Our stock tracking liveblog will update you with the latest stock drops as soon as they happen, as well as any news on predicted restock dates and milestone events.

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Check stock from UK Xbox series X retailers below:


Can you buy an Xbox series X in an actual shop?


The Xbox series X is rarely spotted in the wild, but they really do exist. We’ve heard reports of in-store restocks at John Lewis & Partners, Game and Smyths Toys, all while the retailers’ online stores reported the Xbox as being sold out.

We keep tabs on the availability in physical stores around the country as best we can, based on tips, social media posts and reports from happy shoppers.

In-store restocks will most likely be sold out by the time you hear about them from us, so your best chance of finding an Xbox out there in the real world is to stroll into your local stores and start asking questions.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 10:21


What are the chances of a Very restock today?

We had high hopes for a Very restock last week, only to have those hopes dashed over and over again.

All indicators pointed to an Xbox series X restock happening at Very alongside the retailer’s much-anticipated PS5 restock. But no such Xbox restock materialised, throwing into doubt our pet theory about synchronised Xbox/PlayStation drops.

We’ll keep checking for new availability at Very, so stick with us for updates.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 10:01


When will Smyths have the Xbox series X in stock?

Smyths Toys is currently sold out of the Xbox series X, but could have more stock arriving soon.

The retailer restocked the Xbox All Access programme on 5 August. And last week, Smyths Toys in Ireland restocked the basic Xbox series X console, though it wasn’t available to purchase from the UK.

We also hear that it’s possible to find the console in certain physical stores. If you have a local branch it’s worth dropping in and asking about availability.

When the Xbox is in stock online, Smyths is one of three retailers – along with Game and 4Gadgets – to offer the Xbox All Access programme, a pay-as-you-go alternative to buying the console at full price. You pay £28.99 per month for 24 months, get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thrown in, and own the console at the end of the term.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 09:40


Will Amazon have Xbox series X stock today?

Let’s flip through a few more retailers and rate their chances of producing the goods this week.

Amazon Chance of a restock? Fair.
Has the PS5 in stock right now for Prime customers. Good chance the Xbox series X will follow soon.

ArgosChance of a restock? Slim to middling.
Restocked the Xbox series X last week, and so probably doesn’t have anything left in the chamber.

Tesco Chance of a restock? Zilch, nada.
The UK’s biggest retailer hasn’t had any Xbox series X stock since launch, and doesn’t seem too bothered about restocking Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 09:11


Does Game have any Xbox series X stock?

The Xbox series X is currently sold out across the board.

Game – the UK’s biggest high-street videogames retailer – restocked the Xbox twice last week, and could do so again today.

Both times, the console was only available as part of the Xbox All Access programme, a buy-now-pay-later scheme where you pay £28.99 per month rather than £449 up front.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 08:50


Where is the Xbox series X in stock this week?

Which retailers do we think are most likely to get more Xbox stock this week?

Sitting pretty at the top of our list is Currys PC World. The store fluffed a restock last week by prematurely selling Xbox series X stock it didn’t yet have.


Customers who ordered the console only to find it out of stock were sent an email confirming new Xbox series X stock would arrive this week.

Currys is reserving consoles for those customers who made orders last week, so it’s unclear if anybody else will get a bite of this particular restock cherry.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 08:35


Follow our liveblog for the latest Xbox series X stock news


Good morning Xbox hunters!

Welcome to this week’s Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be monitoring every UK retailer to bring you news of new Xbox stock as soon as it dares to show its face.

It’s a new week, and a whole new world of opportunities to get your hands on Microsoft’s next-gen console. We’re here to help you make that pipe-dream a beautiful pipe-reality.

Steve Hogarty9 August 2021 08:25

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