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The information was revealed due to Microsoft’s intended Activision Blizzard purchase
A recent Brazilian court document has revealed the Xbox One’s sales compared to the PlayStation 4’s, with the PS4 being over double its competitor.
The document (via GameLuster) is from Microsoft defending its upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard to CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), the Brazilian governmental branch that investigates competition issues. CADE announced in a document from August 9 that Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales were over double that of the Xbox One.
The document itself states that “Sony has surpassed Microsoft in terms of console sales and installed base, having sold more than twice as many [than] Xbox in the last generation.” With PlayStation 4 lifetime sales sitting at 117.2million, this gives us a pretty good indication of the kind of sales the Xbox One reached. This is notable due to Microsoft no longer using console shipments as its primary indication of success since 2015.

Xbox Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer on the E3 stage. Credit: Xbox

Market research firm Ampere Analysis released an article in 2020 stating that the Xbox One has sold 51million units total across all versions, while the PlayStation 4 at the time had sold 111million. While we don’t have exact numbers confirmed by Microsoft itself, it lines up with the “more than twice as many” statement.
Recently, Sony made a statement to CADE about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and subsequent ownership of Call Of Duty, and how that could drastically sway sales of systems. Sony statedCall Of Duty influences users’ choice of console and its network of loyal users is so ingrained that even if a competitor had the budget to develop a similar product, it wouldn’t be able to compete”.
In response to this, Microsoft released its own court documents revealing interesting information about how Sony had allegedly paid to keep games from going to the Game Pass subscription service.
In other news, a former Konami employee who was responsible for delisting P.T. opened up about the project.
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