Coming October 29! Williams™ Pinball: Universal Monster Pack hits Pinball FX3 with Monster Bash™ and Creature from the Black Lagoon™—a scary-good duo of tables on
PlayStation 4!

As before, Zen Studios’ remastered tables feature a classic, exact replica version, as well as a remastered version, transforming them into modern-day pinball experiences with enhanced features to make them feel fresh and new at the toggle of a button.

Live from Transylvania Square Garden, please welcome the Monsters of Rock! The show of the centuries is about to begin, featuring all of your favorite Universal Monsters!
• Rebuild Frankenstein and he’ll jump off his slab, ready to jam on his keyboard.
• Spell “Dracula” to see him fly out of his coffin and sink his teeth into a mean guitar riff.
Remastered Table Features:
• 3D animated Original Monster characters including Frankenstein’s Monster, Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula, Creature and the Bride of Frankenstein
• An additional animated Wolfman character has been added to the table
• Water, dust particle, and electronic zap effects have been added
• Ball physics consistent with previous Zen tables

Classic pinball combining the excitement of Universal’s classic monster flick with the fun of a drive-in movie date.
• 16 play modes, multiball, and a fast-paced chase-and-rescue sequence.
• Dot-Mation sequences feature Creature movie scenes
• Licensed rocking ‘50s soundtrack includes “Rock Around the Clock” and “Get a Job”
Remastered Table Features:
• Animated Creature character in the bubbling water of the Black Lagoon replacing the original static holographic
• A ‘50s van parks in the way of the ball in the Move Your Car mode
• Animated 3D quarters appear as the ball rolls over PAID lamps
• Playground area enhanced with a 3D slide
• Ball physics consistent with previous Zen tables

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