What Sony Isn't Saying About Their New PlayStation Plus…

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Earlier this week Sony unveiled their new PlayStation Plus service with different tiers. While Jim Ryan mentioned he’s not interested in Day One releases from their first party studios, there is still potential for other day one releases.

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    EveryDog... says:

    PlayStations strategy is ripping off their customers. They only care that you are playing on PS5 they don’t care about supporting the PS4 let alone PS3 players. In fact you can’t even use a dualsense on a PS4 which leads me to believe they never had any intention of continuing support for playstation 4. Playstation plus on PS4 would just be waste.

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    Andy Hansen says:

    While it will be interesting to see what games get included in these services I have a strong feeling that the “free” Essential tier games are going to quickly turn into an afterthought for Sony to try to strong arm people into the higher tiers. Microsoft has already gone that route with the paltry offerings they’ve included with Gold in favor of Game Pass. Anyone sticking with the lowest tier will probably want to prepare for a similar situation.

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    Friendly Neighbourhood Phantom Thief says:

    It’s weird how defensive the Xbot fans are when they’re overlooking several basic factors that GamePass simply doesn’t have. Most important of which is a good first party line-up the value proposition doesn’t mean much to me if I’m just picking up cheap games I’ve gotten over humble bundle the last couple of years. Safe to say if you’re even thinking about touching this, it’s because you want to play Playstation games the value IMO is fine but I wish there was a bigger number but I can’t really judge until we see what’s on the list.

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