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Sep 16, 2022

/ September 15, 2022

Times are changing. New technologies and features appear almost every day. Some of them fade into obscurity as quickly as they appear. But there are also innovative ideas that have significantly changed modern gaming.
What seemed like a sci-fi movie scenario a few years ago is now a reality. Never before has it been possible to immerse yourself in a game as intensely as with VR glasses and a headset.
Similarly, thanks to augmented reality, the real world and video games merge into one. Why not catch Pokémon while walking in the park?
In addition to games appealing to adults, such as Ingress or the mysterious adventure dARk: Subject One, an entire scene has now formed around AR opportunities for children and even esport betting.
Your PC is a few years old, but you still want to enjoy the latest games without having to invest in a new system? Then you might be interested in the topic of game streaming or cloud streaming, which got a boost late last year.
Thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now, Shadow PC and Google Project Stream, many see the future of the gaming industry in game streaming. Different concepts are vying for the market here as well, but the basic idea is basically the same.
More RAM or a new graphics card? You won’t even have to worry about that.
With an active Internet connection, game streaming allows you to enjoy modern games and esports live bets in gorgeous visuals, even on outdated PCs or mobile devices.
Some people love it, others hate it: games as a service. Instead of releasing a successor year after year with minimal innovations, “GaaS” games take a different approach. Regular new content is designed to keep players hooked on a game they like for a long time.
Tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, for example, is seven years old, but thanks to regular updates and new content, the game is still relevant and chasing one player record after another in cybersport, including the popularity of esports live bets. Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Battlefield Hardline have also received numerous sequels.
The idea is as simple as it is ingenious. a game developer publishes their idea on a crowdfunding platform, presents their concept, perhaps shows first design sketches and sets a goal. Now it’s up to the players whether they want to support the project or not.
The more you put into the project, the bigger your reward will be. Developers even have the option to set additional goals, such as offering new features and options when their game reaches a certain amount.
The result is games that you might never have seen without crowdfunding:
There have even been sequels to games that many people would have loved, but probably never would have realized without community support. Shenmue 3 or Wasteland 2, as an example.
/ September 16, 2022
Outer Wilds native PS5 update is finally here, bringing full support for 60 FPS gameplay at 4K. Check out all the details here.
/ September 15, 2022
Star Wars Eclipse is an action-adventure game, but that doesn’t mean Quantic Dreams fans should expect it to be so different from the studio’s previous work.
/ September 15, 2022
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