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Weekly Analyze of Crypto Investing in August 2022


Aug 5, 2022 ,

Date: Aug 1, 2022-Aug 5, 2022.

This week, non-mainstream coins that are hot in the crypto market have gone out of a good rotation to make up the market.

The weekly line of BTC is in the adjustment stage of the rebound trend, and the daily line shows a downward trend. Trend support range 22000–22500. If it breaks, the market will weaken and it will easily lead to a wave of accelerated downward. If it can close out the anti-falling anti-yang column in the near future and gradually stabilize above 23800, and at the same time the volume can get out of the air refueling form, the trend will return. The pressure range is 25500–26000.

ETH did not maintain a strong continuous yang trend on the weekly line, and the left side consolidated the platform and the moving average of 120 when it encountered resistance, but the retracement was not large. The daily line has completed a breakthrough and step back action in structure, and the upward trend remains unchanged above 1500–1550. The pressure range on the upper edge of the channel is 1800–1900, and the defensive range is 1450–1500.

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