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Verdagy wins the 2022 Hydrogen Impact Investment Award in the IMPACT Technology of the Year Category – Hydrogen Central


Sep 16, 2022

Verdagy wins the 2022 hydrogen impact investment award in the IMPACT Technology of the Year Category.
Verdagy, a pioneer in scaling electrolyzer technologies for industrial markets, has been selected as the winner of the 2022 Hydrogen Impact Investment Award in the IMPACT Technology of the Year category.
Recognized for its mission to supply large-scale green hydrogen for the deep decarbonization of heavy industry, Verdagy is designing, engineering and securing patents for the world’s largest anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrochemical cells.
Verdagy’s large-format cells are designed to operate at industry-leading current densities enabling this ground-breaking technology to achieve best-in-class CapEx costs. Additionally, Verdagy’s wide dynamic operating range enables the production of the lowest cost per kilogram of green hydrogen when coupled with renewable energy.
This opportunity to showcase Verdagy’s industry innovation and progress is thanks to investment visionaries Khosla Ventures and TDK Ventures, as well as Verdagy’s other corporate venture partners.
The awards program and ceremony took place in Singapore in September 2022 in conjunction with the Investing In Green Hydrogen 2022 event. The Hydrogen Impact Investment Awards recognize companies and individuals for excellence in business strategies and achievements, innovative projects and social responsibility.
Specifically, the IMPACT Technology of the Year category celebrates the innovative and breakthrough technologies that are on track to become a pioneer in the hydrogen value chain.
Marty Neese, Verdagy CEO, said:
We are energized to see investment in hydrogen technology rise in visibility as a whole.
“Investing in green hydrogen is pivotal to creating momentum and breakthroughs as a means to meet worldwide decarbonization goals and ultimately combat climate change. This is really an exciting, impactful industry, and Verdagy is honored to win this award.”
Verdagy operates its laboratory and a 25,000 ft2 pilot plant in Moss Landing, California, where it is in the process of commissioning  its full-size electrolyzer module cells for final testing and qualification.
The company’s latest funding round was led by TDK Ventures, and included investors (in alphabetical order) BHP Ventures, Doral Energy Tech Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Orbia Ventures, Shell Ventures, and Temasek.
About Verdagy
Verdagy is innovating water electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. Verdagy’s industry leading solution achieves both the lowest upfront capital costs and the lowest unit economics for production.
Verdagy operates its laboratory and a 25,000 sq. ft. pilot plant facility in Moss Landing, California, to further develop and rapidly scale the technology platform. For more information, visit: www.verdagy.com 
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Verdagy wins the 2022 Hydrogen Impact Investment Award in the IMPACT Technology of the Year category, MOSS LANDING, Calif., September 15, 2022

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