We’re happy to announce the DB BR 155 locomotive for Train Sim World is now out for the Xbox One!

The “Electric Container”, as it’s affectionately known to railfans, has stood the test of time and you can take to the rails hauling heavy freight with a nostalgic twist, as the iconic DB BR 155 is now available for Train Sim World for enticing Ruhr-Sieg Nord action!

This pack includes:

– DB BR 155 Electric Locomotive in DB Traffic Red livery
– Authentic operating controls including thyristor phase change throttle control, straight air and blended air and thyristor controlled resistive brake, traction motor and transformer blower control, pantograph, wiper, headlight and many more
– Also includes driving position height adjustment
– Fully functioning SIFA and PZB 90 safety systems
– Accurate, true-to-life performance and handling
– Highly authentic driving cabs with interactive controls
– Includes three engaging scenarios and an interactive tutorial for Ruhr-Sieg Nord
– Operable in Service Mode in Ruhr-Sieg Nord and Main-Spessart Bahn, includes a set of additional services that increases the level of traffic across the route