This PS5 Accessory Is A Waste of Money

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Since the Xbox 360 generation with the Red Ring, external fans have been sold like crazy by third party manufacturers in an attempt to play on concerns of overheating systems. Looks like this generation will have these same fans with PS5 fans now popping up online.

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    Will M says:

    I have my ps5 on top of my tv stand. So it’s in the open. Fine enough. The real solution is to add a fan to wherever the ps5 is at, like a cabinet. Not to the ps5 itself

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    colonel radec says:

    what i do know is my ps5 has overheated twice and told me to shut it off. bout to put it in the fridge and drill a hole for the cords 😂 how overheating is an issue for this many years is absurd.

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    Janis Lubgans says:

    These fans actually have to be attachet to the hot air exaust BUT instead of helping to pull the air out they actually blow it back in. It seems that no engineer was present in the room when these were designed.

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    Tim Kiess says:

    I watched another video that said the opposite about the PS 5 in that Sony installed a small heat sync that doesn’t expel the heat as well. I believe that because mine gets really hot.

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    Jonathon Lang says:

    I’ve looked at a few of these fans and they all blow hot air out. Are there any that will help with the heat? I hate always feeling like I should cut my ps5 off because it does get hot after a few hours

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