These PS5 Console Renders Are Getting Crazy

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Now that the PS5 DualSense controller has been revealed many people are starting to wonder what the console itself will look like. Now several talented designers are showing what they think the system could end up looking like with some crazy renders of the system.

Fan renders:

I made one last PS5 concept. Based off the DualSense and the devkit. from PS5

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    Brandon Carter says:

    Looking back at what they did come out with almost all of them looked better then the shit they gave us this fucking thing won’t even lay down properly 😂 worst design hands down bar none

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    Victoria Olatinwo says:

    I’ve had this thing less than a week, and it just bricked on me,Won’t turn on, can’t enter safe mode, nothing,Went to play a game on my lunch break and noticed my controller wasn’t turning the console on. Weird. So I tried to turn it on manually – the light blue light on the console flashes on for a second, then dies. Even weirder. I tried to unplug the power supply, wait a few seconds, still the same thing. Cue panic mode. I’ve tried everything I’ve found online (hold power button for 15 seconds, try a new power cable/HDMI cable nothing happened until i got help from *tenzhack* on telegram who got my error code fixed now I’m able to use my console.

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