The Strange PS5 1080p Controversy…

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The latest PS5 exclusive to release from Sony was Returnal and it’s been the topic of conversation for not only its resolution, but also its inability save your progress mid run.

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    Kyle 0 says:

    We’re just now finally able to get a true 1080p image so I’m more than happy with playing games on a 1080p TV. For years 1080p has basically just been upscaled or hasn’t used all the pixels available. Now with new technology and downsampeling were finally getting true 1080p and I think it looks amazing.

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    Soul Index says:

    i’ll take 1080p 60fps all generation. Couldn’t care less about 4k, what devs should focus on is implementing HDR properly. I swear, half the games this generation so far have had broken HDR settings, with only a select few bothering to go back and patch in fixes for them. HDR is such a night/day difference, so it continues to frustrate me that people focus so much on 4k when HDR is the true game changer.

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    Kevin says:

    People might not noticing it even because they’re still playing on 1080p tvs so they don’t really play any other games on 4k… But at the end of the day if a game its fun it’s fun… That’s what I’ve always said about halo and it should be like that. Games should be pretty to look but ALWAYS FUN TO PLAY

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    SerialVapist says:

    if you’re trying to obtain a graphics card to game natively in 4k, you’ll realize why a 500 dollar console has issues gaming natively in 4k…. 1080p is here to stay for awhile. atleast for the console folks

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    hiczok says:

    I mean the game is extremely soft looking. Not even DLSS could make 1080p look like 4k… and it’s not good that they market it as 1440p internal

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