The First Look Inside The PS5?

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Sony has been very quiet about the PS5 with small info drops randomly like the controller being unveiled one afternoon. Now it looks like a patent has been made public that could be showing us Sony’s idea for how they would be cooling the system. The method here is in a patent that might not be used, but it sure is a strange look at what Sony could be doing.


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    Chanel Bailey says:


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    Rez Terralico says:

    So does the PS5 have a separate slot inside for another SSD or do you only have the same slot for the 825 SSD already inside. I hope there is a separate slot. A 2 terabyte one costs like 500 CAD (need a black friday or boxing day sale to get a better price). Plus need that Sony list of SSD that are compatible. I should have upgraded the harddrive on the PS4. I know I can use an external harddrive for the PS4 but I would rather it be internal. Kinda late in the game to upgrade at this point.

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    Nathan Storer says:

    It almost looks to me like a CPU that has been de-lidded (Did I say that right?). If that’s the case, it would certainly make cooling more efficient. I don’t think they could solder the heat sink directly to the chip as the solder could weaken and the heat sink could separate apart from the cpu.

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    Andy T says:

    “High performance cooling solution”. Anything is better than another jet engine console from Sony. Let’s hope they did good this time around.

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    Bruno George Moraes says:

    My 2cents:
    1) they will lap the die until solder ball height ?? (Height is more important than thermal conductivity, just check how bad thermal pads are)

    2) Like you said solder is possible but the solder for the BGA and solder for die are from different materials usually. So its dubious;

    EDIT From the patent claims. “11. The electronic equipment of claim 1, wherein at least a heat conduction sheet or thermal grease is disposed between the heat radiating member and the heat conduction path.” And “another heat radiating apparatus may be provided on the upper surface of the integrated circuit apparatus 5. As a result, two heat radiating apparatuses are provided on the integrated circuit apparatus 5, thus providing improved cooling performance.”

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    Mega Lonk ._. says:

    Anyone complaining about your console making too much noise. I understand that in some instances it can be an actual problem, but most of the time you just need to cleeeaaan your consoooole.

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