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Online casino gaming is a great way to live out all your gaming fantasies from the comfort of your own home. Available to play anywhere you have internet access, at any time you’d like, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy a variety of classic casino games at what, at a glance, might appear to be just an online Slots website.
Whilst there are many Slots to choose from, you can also enjoy the likes of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and even live casino games – just to name a few. So, join us as we take a look at the dos and don’ts of online casino gaming to get you in the know before you embark on your first virtual adventure…
Always research the games you wish to play before wagering any money. This might seem obvious, but it’s a great idea to see exactly what gameplay might entail before you play, this way you can learn basic strategy and find out the best bets to place or tips to use in order to prevent large losses, or enhance your winning chances. 
The same goes for any casino promotions or offers you might find, as these often have certain wagering requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to claim them. 
Playing the demo or ‘free’ games is a great way to trial new things to see if it’s your cup of tea. This way, you’ll know what to expect and get the hang of gameplay before placing any real-money bets. And you never know – you might even find your next favourite.
At online casino sites, you can set bet limits, win and loss limits, and even time limits to help you stay in control of your gameplay. It can be fairly easy to get wrapped up enjoying watching the reels spin, for example, so making the most of these functions could help you ensure you stick to your bankroll and continue to enjoy the games. 
And finally – DO remember to have fun! 
It should go without saying, but when playing online, it can be easy to hide behind your screen when talking to customer services or even the live dealers within the live casino games. You really won’t gain anything by being rude, but you might get banned from the game – or even the site. 
In addition to this, when playing at the live casino, it’s important to remain mindful of what you say. Of course, this means being polite, but it also means keeping your personal information and data safe and private as well. 
Before you begin playing, whether it be at an online or land-based casino, you should always set aside some money. This is called your bankroll, and shouldn’t include any funds that will be needed for bills or general living. A win is never guaranteed in any game, so never bet more than you can afford to lose.
Don’t believe you are due a win. Casino games are based on pure chance, and how recently someone else might’ve won doesn’t affect how soon someone else will. The closest way you can predict the game’s payout system is by looking at the house edge, volatility and Return to Player (RTP) rate. But even then, the whole point of the games is that they remain unpredictable. 
In order to stay fair online, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used for many of the games. This computer software creates a new, unpredictable sequence of numbers or symbols every single second, generating the closest thing to a random outcome. RNGs are a similar concept to Automatic Card Shufflers (ACS) you’ll see at most modern land-based venues and have no memory of what’s been generated previously. This means that no matter how frequently you’ve been playing, or how recently the game has paid out, a win is never guaranteed. And so, even if you’re on a losing streak, you cannot be due a win. 
Now you have some of the crucial online casino dos and don’ts under your belt, which game will you try first? 

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