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Nier Automata’s secret church door was an elborate hoax and details on a new Tomb Raider game have allegedly leaked.
Welcome to the weekend gamers, you're well-earned rest begins now. Why not catch up on all the day's gaming news, such as the revelation that Nier Automata's secret church door has finally been revealed as an elaborate hoax set up by a group of modders?
Our other stories today include alleged details surrounding the new Tomb Raider game Crystal Dynamics is working on and confirmation from MultiVersus' director that Bugs Bunny is about to be nerfed. All this and more if you read on.
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If you missed the initial news, a hidden door to a secret church was revealed by a Nier Automata fan, sending the entire community into meltdown. Fans have been desperately investigating over the past few days to see if it's legit, but the mystery is now over as a group of modders have come clean. Revealing themselves on Twitch to be the masterminds behind the hoax, you can't help but feel a little bit disappointed that this wasn't some classic Yoko Taro tomfoolery.
A voice-acting script for the next Tomb Raider game has allegedly leaked, detailing key plot points and Lara's development as a character since the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. According to this alleged script, Lara will be teaming up with a group of Tomb Raiders who she has inspired with her actions in the previous game. The leak also claims that Lara will battle with loneliness and will be a lot less destructive, protecting artifacts instead of destroying everything around her to find them.
Bugs Bunny mains have been living it up in MultiVersus so far, but all that is set to end pretty soon. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh has confirmed that the wacky wabbit is getting nerfed once EVO 2022 is over, but assures fans that he "always be fun." EVO 2022 begins on August 5 and ends on August 7, meaning you have at least a week to enjoy pre-nerf Bugs Bunny while you can.
Valve has some good news for those still waiting for Steam Decks as it announced that all current reservations will be fulfilled before the end of the year. According to Valve, it has managed to sort out supply issues and has been making Steam Decks "faster than ever before." As a result, a bunch of reservations have been moved up to Q3 (July – September) while the rest of the reservations have been confirmed for Q4 (October – December).
Will Smith has finally broken his silence on the infamous Chris Rock slap during the Oscars, publicly apologizing in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel. In the video, Smith apologizes to Rock, Rock's family, and his own family for his actions, explaining that Jada had "nothing to do with it." He also answered plenty of questions that were asked of him during the three months since the event.
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