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Mario Kart 8’s second wave of DLC courses have been revealed and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 isn’t the last we’ll see of the series.
It's that time of the day again – the time when you read through this handy roundup of everything going on in the gaming industry. It's a good one if you're a Mario kart fan, as Nintendo has revealed the game's second wave of DLC courses and when they'll be available to download.
We also got confirmation that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 won't be the last in the series, plus Annapurna Interactive's second-ever showcase gave us a good look at some of the promising titles the company will be publishing. All that and more if you read on.
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Get ready to boot up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe once again as Nintendo has revealed the second wave of DLC tracks coming to the game. On August 4, two new cups featuring eight different tracks will be available to download, including fan-favorite course Waluigi Pinball. There's also a brand new track included called Sky-High Sundae that has players dodging ice cream cones and other sweet treats.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is just a day away but that hasn't stopped fans from wondering what's next in the series. In a new interview with developers Tetsuya Takahashi, Koh Kojima, and Genki Yokota, the trio spoke in detail about additional content coming to the game including new costumes, quests, and Hero characters. Yokota also revealed that this isn't the last we'll see of Xenoblade as he states that he'd like to keep the series going "as long as possible."
Annapurna Interactive's second-ever showcase aired today and the publisher is helping out with a lot of nifty titles. Bounty Star is a mech shooter set in the Wild West while The Lost Wild is a new survival horror game that will have players hiding from dinos. Annapurna also revealed updates on previously released games as The Outer Wilds is headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X this September and Sony Santa Monica's Hohokum has finally made the jump to PC.
Some movie news now and those who don't want the next Blank Panther film spoiling should probably skip ahead. The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is keeping the identity of the new Black Panther pretty vague at the moment, clearly waiting until the movie releases for the big reveal. Unfortunately, Lego had other ideas as a new Blank Panther Lego set has hinted at Shuri being the next person to don the suit.
Finally, Finn mains may have to look out as MultiVersus players think he may be a little bit too overpowered for his own good. In fact, he's so overpowered that players are comparing him to Taz, a character who was recently nerfed into the ground as players would spam his tornado attack. There's no word from any MultiVersus devs about a potential nerf at the moment, but one will surely be considered if players keep complaining. As a Finn main myself, I think you all just need to be quiet and eat my backpack.
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