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Pick up on all the action and make your voice heard with our selection of the best gaming headsets.
Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, the right headset can boost both your experience and gameplay, keeping you hyper aware of your surroundings so you can get the jump on your enemy.
A high-performance mic is also vital for communicating with your team in the heat of battle, or just chatting with your friends in the lobby without the worry of lag or background noise. There are plenty of headsets to choose from so we’ve pulled together some of the best below.
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HyperX promises to immerse you deeper in the action with their 7.1 surround sound, keeping you aware of the more subtle details around you like the enemy's footsteps.
The microphone volume is adjustable so you can fiddle with the settings and come across clearly when chatting with friends or forming a plan with your team. There's also no concern about background buzz with the the noise and echo cancellation features.
The headband is also fitted with memory foam and leatherette cushions so you can stay comfortable during those longer sessions.
The Razer Kraken headset is compatible with a wide range of devices whether you're big on your consoles or more of a PC gamer and features 7.1 surround sound for an immersive gaming experience.
You can adjust the volume with the wheel on the side as well as mute the mic button with a handy switch if you want to go silent, and when you're ready to chat you should be heard clearly thanks to the retractable mic which reduces any background noise.
Available in a range of colours from bright green to a more subtle classic black, this headset is made from aluminium so should be lightweight, flexible and durable, seeing you through many campaigns.
This headset was designed for the PlayStation 5 and as a result is compatible with their latest Tempest 3d audio tech, but it will still work with a wide range of devices and consoles including PC, Android and Switch.
It promises to hold a 30 hour battery life so shouldn't desert you mid game, and if you need a quick boost to get you through a few more missions just 15 minutes of charge will give it an extra three hours.
The retractable microphone is fitted with noise cancellation to make your commands and conversation clear, and has been made with Arctis sound to help you pick up on the details and give you an in-game advantage.
Stay on top of your surroundings and ahead of your enemies with this PC gaming headset that can deliver positional sound for that extra advantage.
With the noise cancelling microphone you can be heard above the action, and thanks to the padded headphone design you can keep wearing it game after game without any concerns of discomfort.
Boasting premium steel as a material, this should be a durable headset that still sits comfortably due to the memory foam and padding on the headband.
Designed for pro gaming this is for the serious player intent on a win streak, which is why they've focused on their BLUE VO!CE technology which allows you to use and switch voice filters in real-time to achieve a studio quality result.
Claiming to take 7.1 surround sound further than it's been before this headset should truly deliver on the bass and proximity, perfect for when you're deep in the action or sneaking around.
This headset from Sennheiser aims to deliver a high-quality natural sound over the course of a long gaming session.
You can quickly change the volume with the built-in control without having to change any on-screen settings that may distract from the game, and the microphone will automatically mute when the boom arm is raised so you can quickly flick between modes.
The headband is padded and the ear pads themselves feature velvet to keep things comfortable. This headset is compatible with a variety of platforms and the package includes cables so you can switch them out and adapt to each.
Made for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X this headset will also sync up with PlayStation, Switch and compatible PCs.
It features 400mm speakers on either side that pack surround sound, with a mic that's been made with sensitivity in mind. The ears are also padded with synthetic leather for a comfortable fit.
This wired headset has been made especially for competitive and professional gaming, with a noise-reduction mic to make commands crisp and clear to boost your teamwork. Fitted with their 7.1 surround sound this is especially ideal for combat games helping you pick up on the proximity and direction of enemy fire.
Just bear in mind that while this headset is compatible with PS4 and your computer, it wont work alongside an Xbox.
Made for a variety of games where top sound quality is key to winning, this gaming headset from decoche is compatible with a wide range of devices that includes PlayStation consoles, Xbox and PC, connecting with a 3.5mm jack.
Weighing just 280g this has been designed as a lightweight option so you can wear them for extended periods, with headset pads to keep things cosy.
The mic promises to deliver high-quality sound without delay, and can even be rotated 120 degrees to find the position that is most comfortable and effective. The exterior of the headset also features seven LED lights so you can play in style.
Combining Dolby Atmos surround sound and 50mm drivers this headset promises to pick up on the finer audio details, giving you an advantage while you play.
Wireless with an 18 metre range you can pace around while you chat strategy with teammates or pop out of the room without having to worry that the connection has been lost.
The battery life should also last up to 20 hours which means it won't fall short even if you plan on dedicating most of your day to gaming.
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