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Feature by August 15, 2022
In a sport where every tenth of a second counts, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team dominated Season 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E series – on and off the track – by optimizing performance and driving efficient business operations with innovative technologies and sustainable solutions from SAP.
To be successful in the world’s fastest growing motorsport is no small feat. Since 2018, SAP and the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team have worked to bring our shared values to the electric-race scene. Together, we jointly developed and implemented new technologies which enabled the team to not only win championships, but run like a sustainable, intelligent enterprise.
On the tail of the series, SAP wishes a huge congratulations the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team on winning the Season 8 ABB FIA Formula E World Teams’ Championship and to Stoffel Vandoorne, SAP brand ambassador, on securing the Season 8 ABB FIA Formula E World Drivers’ Champion title!
Sustainability is the cornerstone of the ABB FIA Formula E series, and it was founded on the premise of showcasing what the future of mobility is capable of. For the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team, sustainability goals and objectives extend beyond fully electric vehicles and into the back-office. The team is dedicated to advancing technologies that support its ability to manage and impact its carbon footprint.
Together with SAP, the team has developed and implemented a reporting tool that measures and accounts for progress against UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SAP Analytics Cloud, which combines business intelligence (BI), augmented and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities, creates an accessible central dashboard that helps the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team easily visualize data from various facets of the business – including supply chain and travel.
The Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team runs like a business, requiring insight and speed across all areas and functions. From precise and coordinated system processes to car development, the team leverages SAP S/4HANA Cloud for real-time business intelligence that helps them make informed, data-driven decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.
Whether on-site at the factory or traveling worldwide to races throughout the season, an optimized, intelligent solution is vital to drive efficiencies such as ensuring cars and spare parts are at the right place at the right time and getting full financial insights to optimize control.
To easily manage its travel costs, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team leverages SAP Concur solutions. By using this portfolio, the team streamlines tedious processes to save valuable time and resources.
The path to clinching a double World Championship involved 16 races around the globe, each one with its own characteristics and challenges. In Formula E, the entire team plays a critical part in making it to the podium. Along with good equipment and a well-designed car, team performance among drivers, mechanics, engineers, and the team principal is pivotal in securing a win.
SAP Sports One helps the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team monitor, understand, and act on human performance data collected from a variety of inputs, visualized for easy on-the-go convenience. The solution also enables greater visibility into drivers’ health to help ensure the team is operating at the highest possible level.
With innovative technologies and solutions from SAP, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team can focus on what matters most – racing! SAP is proud to enable the team over the course of a thrilling season.
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