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Crypto Casinos Are ‘Impossible to Rig Because the Game Is Hosted on a Blockchain’ — Online Casino Reviewer

According to an igaming expert, Keane Ecclestone, crypto casinos are increasingly popular with bettors that value their privacy and security. While some perceive crypto casinos to be riskier than traditional…

Serenity Shield Launches First Cryptographic Sensitive Data Storage on Blockchain

[PRESS RELEASE – Paris, France, 8th August 2022] Serenity Shield, a decentralized application platform that offers an innovative, revolutionary approach to crypto inheritance and secure storage solutions for sensitive data,…

Korea Blockchain Week, Aug. 9: Second-day takeaways from the Cointelegraph team

Discussions about the Metaverse dominated the final day of Korea Blockchain Week’s mainstage conference.

Brazilian Voting Authority Might Include Blockchain Tech in Future Elections

The Brazilian voting authority (TSE), has publicly declared it is studying blockchain as a technology that might help the organization in its task of organizing ballots. Celio Castro Wermerlinger, coordinator…

Cardano Blockchain Insights Hide Some Intriguing Stats

Fan-made Cardano Blockchain Insights contain some compelling metrics

World Gold Council Exec Believes Blockchain Technology Will Bolster Trust in the Gold Industry

The World Gold Council’s (WGC) head of global sales and regional CEO, Joe Cavatoni, explained on Friday that he believes the gold industry will integrate with blockchain technology in order…

Six reasons why blockchain makes sense for commercial real estate: Deloitte

The study reveals that blockchain technology is well-positioned to take over more than 50% of the entire leasing and sale process across commercial real estate.

Korea Blockchain Week, Aug. 8: First-day takeaways from the Cointelegraph team

The first day of the main stage event included a keynote presentation from Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, 1inch Network's Sergej Kunz, and Klaytn Foundation’s Sam Seo.

Migrating project from Hardhat Local Blockchain to Live Testnet Blockchain

Why I wrote this blog? When I started development using hardhat, I only used the local environment for testing, but when I tried to deploy and test my web3 app…

How The DAO Will Revolutionize the Future of Blockchain

There are many new and exciting ways that blockchain technology can be utilized to improve the world. New use cases for blockchain are emerging every day, but so far, most…