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Supreme Corporation’s VOLT smart yarns and fabrics embedded with sensors for detecting vital signs have practical application in wearable products for healthcare, medical, military and sports markets.
HICKORY, N.C., Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Supreme Corporation, a leader in smart textiles and developer of the world’s most conductive smart yarn, has been named a 2022 Top 10 Wearable Technology Solutions Provider by Applied Technology Review. Additionally, Supreme Corporation and CEO Matt Kolmes are featured as the cover story of July’s 2022 issue of Applied Technology Review to discuss innovative progress made with the capabilities of its sensor-embedded smart yarn to measure vital signs through smart fabric.
“We are honored to be named among this year’s Top 10 Wearable Technology Solutions providers by Applied Technology Review,” said Kolmes. “Innovation and improving quality of life by harnessing the superior performance capabilities of our smart yarns, are at the heart of what we do at Supreme. We are grateful to have a team of dedicated employees and business partners that are creating never-before-seen solutions in wearable technology products for first responders, military, healthcare and sports markets.”
After years of research and development, Supreme has embedded SansEC (yarn) sensors in its high-tech VOLT smart fabrics to create the possibility of wearable products that can detect, among other things, if a person is becoming ill or exhibits distress using collected vital sign measurements such as blood pressure, temperature and moisture. Supreme is currently seeking partners to collaborate on an iOS and Android app with Bluetooth connectivity to the sensors and allow for greater market commercialization.
In partnerships with Propel, LLC, and VOSiq, VOLT smart yarns incorporates electronic devices that can be used to create bio sensing apparel with Personal Safety Device (“PSD”) capabilities for military and first responders. These include apparel with superior thermoregulating properties, VitalProbe Inc. medical grade body sensors, and CatM1 (GPS) body-worn tracking.
Further innovation has led to experimentation with VOLT smart yarns to create a form of smart bandage that utilizes nanoscience and Photomedicine to speed up the healing process of a wound or infection.
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About Supreme Corporation 
A leader in smart textiles, fiber and safety apparel technology, Supreme Corporation manufactures innovative specialty yarns and safety apparel. The privately-held, Hickory, NC-based company has held 185 patents in 60 countries and currently has 64 active patents in high-tech yarns and fabrics, with another 14 patents pending.
VOLT Smart Yarns is a new division of Supreme Corporation. Using exclusive and patented processes, Supreme engineers are able to create revolutionary highly-conductive custom Volt Smart Yarns with specific levels of conductivity, resistance, and strength. These Volt Smart Yarns harness the power of highly conductive copper wires to deliver yarns and sewing threads that are poised to change the world and what is possible in Smart Textiles. The conductivity of the smart yarns allows for wearable products that are entirely washable and powered by the SansEC sensing system, eliminating the need for wires, battery packs and transmitters.
Matt Kolmes
Chief Executive Officer
(828) 322 6975
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