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    Keith says:

    I feel like calling it the dualsense controller they might have that heart rate sensor in it along with other features. Hence the word sense but it could be just for the haptic feedback.

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    Sprits Fal says:

    Tbh the DualSense looked very much like all the others, just a two-tone paint job and a slight change on touchpad light. I was REALLY hoping they were gonna go asymmetrical sticks but that’d do nothing but piss off the PS fans. Imo, there IS a better setup for controllers, asym sticks for 3d games, sym sticks for 2d games for the most part. PS5, being mostly modern games which are 3d, SHOULD’VE been asym but eh, whatever. Realy weird they showed off the controller but not the back of it, so….they DIDN’T show us all of the controller. I’m tired of this piece by piece bs tbh.

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    Reptune says:

    why are u soo a ms fanboy i get sony aint great but neither is ms and plus they wouldld do it just annoy ms but if they did ms would do the same u gotta get outta be neutral if u wanna be considered good for news

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    John Marston says:

    I think some people disliked the new controller design because of that white-black colour scheme given to the official reveal picture. It just looks off. But still, I love the design overall, especially those blue lasers between the touch pad.

    If Sony used only a full black colour scheme for the controller’s promotional reveal, it could’ve looked cooler.

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