So About The PS5 Price And Pre-Order…

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The PS5 Showcase finished up earlier today and we now have a ton of information heading into the launch of Sony’s next generation platform, but a surprise on social media shows that the PS5 Pre-Orders are set to launch sooner than we thought.

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    Nicholas Taylor says:

    1:00 this isn’t just a disc drive, it’s also a 4k blu-ray player. 4k blu-ray players cost around $150 minimum standalone. Of course it doesn’t cost Sony that much and most people probably won’t play 4k blu-rays, but it is more than a cheap $15 optical drive people seem to make it out to be.

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    Miguel Galarza says:

    Thats crazy but thats exactly what Sony did with their preorders. Not the best way to do that. Left a lot of consumers scrambling. I was left out but did end up getting a preorder eventually by a miracle.

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    Jamie Mittermuller says:

    Sony are getting better at discounting digital games. Sales throughout the year, I have a number of digital games that were cheaper than the physical copies at the time: horizon zero dawn, persona 5, monster hunter world, project cars2. If your smart with your money you could generally save yourself some money.

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    raif02371 says:

    Many of us will not even a have a PS5 at Release. This is going to be the most wanted product in history. They already sold 11 million consoles in 7 Hours. Imagine that. But I wish you guys all luck to get one.

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    dn says:

    I had email notifications off sadly and read the pre order late oh well Do you think Playstation will make more PS5 later after the release date as there might be a shortage on the release date?

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