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Save Up to $480 on a Gaming Laptop Over at Best Buy So You Can Game Wherever – The Inventory


Sep 23, 2022

There are some great advantages to opting for a gaming laptop as opposed to a desktop PC. You don’t have to just game at a desk. Game from your couch. Game in your bed. Take it to a friend’s house and game there. Okay, it’s 2022, I’m not sure I need to convince anyone where the value in a laptop is. In any case, if you’ve been considering upgrading or making the initial plunge into becoming a PC gamer, Best Buy has some great offers on gaming laptops.
A full 1TB SSD to house all your downloaded games and a large 16.1" display to play your games on with a refresh rate of 144Hz. You can save an enormous $480 on this rig right now.
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Listen up
These are some of the best earbuds Samsung users can get and feature active noise cancelling, incredible sound quality, and a long-lasting fast-charging battery.
This compact gaming laptop comes in a sleek white finish, but more importantly, plays games well. Neato! With a 120Hz display, AMD Ryzen 9 paired with an AMD Radeon RX 6700s, you won’t have trouble playing pretty much anything. Maybe not with the graphics slider turned up all the way, but you’ll absolutely get solid performance staying in the middle range.
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What we’re looking at here is essentially the same rig as the one listed above, but with a bit of a punchier GPU. You’ll be able to get better graphical fidelity using this one and you’ll save twice as much.
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Lenovo is known mainly for its ThinkPad business laptops, but don’t overlook the lineup of gaming PCs. The Legion Slim 7 is a powerful machine to get you playing all the latest and greatest, no problem.
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