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Sep 17, 2022

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The Samsung CHG90 49-inch Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor stands out even among gaming displays, most of which shun traditional, conservative designs. The first is the ultrawide screen’s ability to display two images from different sources side by side, as if they were on separate screens.
The Samsung CHG90 49-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor ($1,099.99) stands out even among gaming displays, most of which shun traditional, conservative designs. Placed side by side with a pair of 1080p monitors, the huge curved screen offers a fully immersive gaming experience. While low pixel density means your documents may not look particularly sharp, the large screen is also useful for editing extremely wide spreadsheets or displaying multiple documents side by side. The inexpensive gaming monitor displays HDR content with brilliant colors and good contrast thanks to the addition of AMD FreeSync 2, but because of its unusually wide aspect ratio, a conventional widescreen movie will barely fill half the screen.
Even though this monitor is stunning at first glance, you must first make sure you can use the wide aspect to your advantage. Samsung has just unveiled the super-duper, ultra-wide screen that surpasses them all, as demand for ultra-wide displays has reached an unprecedented high. The massive, 49-inch Samsung CHG90 gaming monitor will bowl you over with its curved display and unheard of 32:9 aspect ratio.
Not only is this monitor the largest we have ever tested, but it is also the most customizable. The Samsung CHG90 is the most amazingly flexible gaming monitor we’ve ever tested, with the flexibility to either serve as two separate 16:9 monitors or display expansive game worlds as one 21:9 screen with some extra screen space left over. The only issues we have with this 49-inch curved gaming monitor are the sheer amount of desk space it requires and its $1,499 asking price. Here we will show you Samsung CHG90 review.
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While image quality is vital, it is also crucial to consider the adaptability and overall appeal of the monitor’s mounting frame. With a footprint and design comparable to other 49-inch monitors on the market, the Samsung CRG9 offers a stylish solution in this area. While not particularly small, the stand that comes with this ultrawide monitor is almost as large as the screen, allowing the frame to be tilted and rotated slightly. Because it is a curved screen, you will probably want to sit as close to it as possible to really appreciate the immersive enveloping effect. Because of their size, super ultrawide monitors always have a potential for instability, but the Samsung CRG9 shows a steady hand.
A hinged armature covered in brushed silver that extends from the bottom of the base supports it. The impressive adaptability of the Samsung LC49RG90SSNXZA is due to the arm, which supports the monitor in an excellent way. Every other monitor has some sort of adjustment; Samsung’s larger but less flexible 49-inch screen is one example. These adjustments are often a bit up and down with a slight tilt forward or backward. The monitor can be tilted, rotated, and height adjusted, which is a respectable ergonomic feature. Again, through these adjustments, this monitor is able to improve a simple element of the user experience that is typically overlooked by rivals.
Two notable features of the monitor are worth noting. The first is the ability of the ultra-wide screen to display two images from different sources side by side, as if they were on separate screens. The second allows you to switch USB port 2 to USB fast charging mode, so you can charge other devices while you work or play. Some people will also enjoy the blue LED lighting on the back of the monitor, which can increase the mood by shining light on the wall behind it.
A multitasking user’s fantasy is the Samsung CHG90. Grand Theft Auto V, a Word document, Discord and Chrome were all open at the same time on the same screen. In a multi-monitor setup, this screen effectively functions as two 16:9 1920 x 1080 monitors, except there is no bezel to interrupt the fun. In addition, Samsung provides a respectable piece of software that makes it easy to set up multitasking on the CHG90 monitor.
For example, you can preset the screen to the dual 16:9 format discussed earlier and play two 1080p games simultaneously. If you’re streaming, you can put the game on one side of the monitor and open social networks and streaming software on the other. With so much available screen space, the possibilities are essentially endless.
The CHG90 may have been a publicity stunt. Fortunately, our imaging tests showed that the display is large enough to take up your entire desk. The CHG90 is best in class in terms of contrast ratio, color accuracy and color gamut. Narrow color gamut’s or color accuracy are sometimes overlooked for the perfect gaming monitors in favor of flashy, eye-catching features that are easier for manufacturers to market. Instead, the best Samsung monitors produce high-quality images. Everything displayed looks great. However, with a maximum brightness of 286 nits, it is not the world’s brightest monitor. In that regard, monitors like the HP Z38c and BenQ EX3501R perform just a little better.
Even for professionals such as audio and video editors, the 3840×1080 resolution display is wonderful, but not the best available for gaming. Red, green and blue tones appear a little more saturated than they actually are, but are still pleasing to the eye and give off bright and beautiful colors. A source device, in our case a laptop and an Xbox One X, can be connected to the monitor.
The games played well, taking in the full viewing angle in one motion, and setup was fairly simple. The biggest downside of the Samsung CHG90, however, is that there is not a lot of content available that can fully utilize the monitor’s 32:9 aspect ratio. However, we were able to play several movies and video games in the 32:9 aspect ratio, including Dirt Rally and Destiny 2. You can still choose from different display options to get the view that suits you best.
That’s a high price, even for a 4K TV. You could buy three or even more monitors with the same money. However, the Samsung CHG90 has a panel that is arguably better than anything you’ve ever had before. It is one of the largest computer monitors on the market, and with a 3,840 x 1,080 resolution that is perfectly split into two Full HD 16:9 displays, you can think of the CHG90 as two monitors for the price of one – but more on that later.
At the same time, the CHG90’s HDR colors and 144Hz refresh rate make it one of the best looking gaming monitors on the market. Samsung’s 49-inch monster is up against the 35-inch Acer Predator Z35, which is $1,099 (£999, AU$1,799) cheaper and offers a higher resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels.
We hope you understand this article about Samsung CHG90. The first part of this conclusion is meant for readers who would never spend $1,000 on a monitor. You now have proof that this thing is ridiculous if you needed it. It is cumbersome and pointless. Besides, using multiple monitors or a 21:9 ultrawide is perfectly acceptable. You don’t need this.
Okay, the rest of you will read this second part. It’s fantastic. Because it’s cool, it looks cool. If your job requires you to work with text all day, you’ll probably want something else. You’ll love it if this is for your dedicated gaming computer and you have $1,000 to spend on a monitor.
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