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Rockstar Games Developer Expertly Dodges GTA 6 Question During Interview – ComicBook.com


Sep 17, 2022

By Cade Onder – September 15, 2022 10:14 pm EDT
A Rockstar Games developer recently dodged a spontaneous question about Grand Theft Auto VI during an interview. Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most highly anticipated games not only on the horizon, but in history. It’s the follow-up to the second best-selling game of all-time and Rockstar’s next game after arguably its most acclaimed game to date with Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans have been waiting nearly a decade for a new entry in the beloved crime franchise and while we have no idea when we’ll be playing it or when we’ll even get to see it, that hasn’t stopped fans from prodding Rockstar Games about it.
During a charity event called GamesAid where various game developers race go-karts, a group of Rockstar North employees were interviewed by the host of the live event. The host immediately asked “When’s the next GTA game coming out?” One of the Rockstar developer promptly responded with “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” while chuckling. The interviewer made a comment about how long fans have been waiting before moving on to talk more about the race where the devs said they planned to put their GTA skills to the test on the real life track. It’s a rather funny moment and shows how good the developers have gotten about the notoriously secretive video game. Of course, Rockstar Games has confirmed that it is working on the next Grand Theft Auto and has even halted support on other titles in order to ramp up development on GTA 6.
Many think that Rockstar has been quietly preparing to announce the new game after recently updating the credits for its two most active titles, Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Many suspect this means that the games are largely being put to rest and Rockstar felt comfortable finalizing the credits on the games, suggesting they’re putting all of their attention on other games. Only time will tell, but it certainly can’t be that much longer before we hear more!
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