Want to cause mayhem? We’ve unboxed the Rage 2 Collector’s Edition, so you can see exactly what you’ll get! Find out more about the GAME Exclusive RAGE 2 Collector’s Edition here – https://bit.ly/306OeIl

This edition includes:
• Ruckus the Crusher Talking Head
• Steelbook
• Collectors Poster
• Rise of the Ghost Expansion
• DOOM BFG UAC Super Weapon
• Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes
• Battle Standard

Pre-order today to also receive more in-game content!
RAGE 2 is set years after the asteroid hit, and the unforgiving Wastelands are your destructive playground. Follow the journey of Walker, as he attempts to survive in a dystopian world whilst completing his ultimate mission – take down the Authority. Explore the diverse world with your powerful weapons, incredible abilities and get ready to unleash mayhem.

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