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<p>We’ve got all the latest on the next stock drop</p>

We’ve got all the latest on the next stock drop

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Update: ArgosGameVery and Asda could all drop stock this week. Read on for more information. 

It’s been seven months since the launch of the PS5, but persistent supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of the next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is hard to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out fast.

Despite pandemic restrictions lifting and high street stores reopening to customers, PS5 restock issues have meant bare shelves and disappointed gamers fighting over what few consoles can be made available in the UK.

Things are slowly improving, Large quantities of PlayStation 5 consoles appeared on almost every single major retailer’s online stores throughout May. The comeback faltered in June, with the only highlights a few big stock drops at Game and Very. As we enter mid-July the arrival of new stock is picking up pace again. Last week, we had no fewer than six drops across several retailers, with ShopTo rounding off the pack on Sunday. Last week, we had drops at Amazon, John Lewis and Smyths Toys.

If you’re still looking to get your hands on a PS5, this is your best chance yet. We’re here to help you get ahead of the game and find a PlayStation 5 by keeping an eye on all major retailers, as well as offering the latest insight on any rumoured releases.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below: 


Should the Steam Deck concern Sony?

Last week, Valve finally announced its new and heavily-rumoured portable handheld console – the Steam Deck. It’s slated for a release in December. UK prices aren’t known, but in the US, it will cost $399, $529 and $649 for 64GB, 256GB and 512GB respectively. You’ll be able to play your entire Steam library on the console.

But will it be any good? And how does it measure up against the PS5? Developer Peter “Durante” Thoman shared a comparison of its specs on Steam, and a helpful Twitter user took a screenshot.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 10:18


PS5 price – how much does the console cost?

You’ve probably memorised the price of the PS5 off by heart by now – we certainly have, but for those who don’t know: The PS5 disc edition costs £449.99, while the PS5 digital edition is slightly cheaper, costing £349.99.

The disc edition console is the exact same price as the new Xbox series X – conveniently also out of stock at most retailers. But the Xbox series S, which is the all-digital version of the console costs just £249. We’ve actually recently started an Xbox series X stock tracking liveblog, so check it out for the latest stock updates.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 10:04


More news on this week’s Argos PS5 stock drop

As mentioned below, Argos is expected to have a stock drop this week, with one stock tracker saying that it received new shipments of the disc edition console over the weekend. The digital edition of the console was also distributed, but it’s apparently a small haul.

There’s some dispute as to when the stock drop could occur, with @PS5UKStock suggesting that it could drop any time this week while @PS5StockAlertUK has zeroed down on Friday. They’re both in agreement that stock will drop at 8am, however.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 09:48


What happened to the Very PS5 stock drop last week?

Very was supposed to have a PS5 stock drop last week and the week before that, but twice now it has failed to materialise. What’s going on? According to the @PS5Instant UK stock tracker, shipments arrived a lot later than expected, with the retailer only receiving the disc edition of the console.

Does this mean there won’t be a digital edition drop of the console this week? Potentially, but it also means that the drop could end sooner than we’d like. Over the past month, we’ve become accustomed to Very having these long and protracted stock drops, so we’d hoped that the one this week would have been a big one, too.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 09:29


When is the next Game PS5 restock?

Game is another retailer heavily tipped to drop new PS5 stock this week. Just a few days ago, the retailer updated its PS5 bundles page with a new release date of 30 July. It always drops stock a week and a half before the release date, so we’re almost certainly going to get a new batch of consoles this week.

The cheapest bundle costs £389.98 and includes the console, a T-shirt and a snazzy cap, although we’d always recommend going for a more obscure bundle for a better chance of securing a console. This isn’t always the cheapest – as the cheaper bundles tend to sell out extremely quickly.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 09:15


When is Argos PS5 stock going to drop?

Argos is one of the retailers predicted to have a restock this week. Yes, we all heard your groans. For those uninitiated, Argos has historically dropped stock in the dead of the night, forcing people to stay up until 4am if they want to secure a console. But that might not be the case this time round. Argos has begun dropping stock at 8am in the most recent drops, and the stock trackers predict it will do so again this week.

According to the folks over at @PS5StockAlertUK, the retailer received a hefty PS5 shipment last week. We’ll let you know if we hear any more news.

Alex Lee19 July 2021 08:55


What PS5 stock drops could we see this week?

Good morning PS5 seekers! Although last week was fairly disappointing in terms of weighty stock drops, this week could be exceedingly good indeed! ArgosGameVery and Asda are all rumoured to drop this week, with most of the action expected to kick off tomorrow.

Three out of the four retailers consistently have lengthy drops, so if we were a seer, we’d say that this is the week you finally get yourselves a PS5.

We’ll be here all day and all week bringing you the latest stock updates as and when they happen, as well as news on PS5 games and the console itself. Stay tuned for more!

Alex Lee19 July 2021 08:40

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