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There’s a strong possibility of multiple retailers getting a PS5 restock today in both the UK and the US. Some UK stores have already been and gone this morning now, but we’ve got some others for you to keep an eye on, and we’d check back there tomorrow between 7 and 10am. Timings in the US are much more spread apart with 7am ET often rewarding early shoppers, then there’s a mid-afternoon drop. Evening resupplies are rarer, but not unheard of.  

Check for US PS5 restocks here:

The PS5 restock situation in the US is even more unpredictable with different retailers favoring different times of day. Target went live around 7am yesterday, and while we’d be surprised to see it get PS5 stock two days in a row, it’s certainly worth considering. Amazon is long overdue and should pop at some point this week. Otherwise, expect Walmart and Best Buy to drop anytime after 2pm ET – we’ve not seen these stores drop any earlier for quite some time and the old Wednesday/Thursday combo is long gone, so Tuesday could very well be your lucky day. We’ll keep you updated as and when fresh information comes to light.

Check for UK PS5 restocks here:

Top of the rumored list in the UK is Amazon and Very for the rest of the day at least as both Game and John Lewis appeared out of nowhere earlier today with PS5 stock. Get yourself signed in beforehand, so you’re not left frantically entering shipping and billing details while someone else snipes your brand new PS5 while you’re waiting for multiple screens to load. Very often has a few bundles, so do check them out if the solo console deals seem to have been snapped up. Ebuyer went yesterday briefly with a pricey mega bundle, but keep an eye on it again too. AO is another outside bet, but it posted around 10:30am last week. You might be looking at tomorrow morning by now though.

Our PS5 stock guide is updated on a regular basis too if you’d like to see what patterns to look out for, not to mention a deeper dive on what stores are most likely to come up with the PS5 restock goods.

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