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I’m preaching to the choir by saying that PS5 restock deals are frustratingly rare, but things are improving – even if it’s only bit by bit. Offers have been appearing everywhere from Amazon USA to more obscure retailers, and drops seem to be happening more frequently than before. 

To help you out, our team of bargain-hunters have rounded up a few tips on where (and when) a PS5 restock might appear this week. Just make sure you don’t pay over the odds; the normal PS5 costs $499.99, while the Digital Edition is $399.99. Anything more expensive than that should be bundling in games or accessories.

PS5 restock: July 20 2021

Is a PS5 restock happening today? We haven’t seen any rumors about an imminent drop and Tuesday is traditionally quiet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t, or can’t or won’t be, happening. The UK got lucky with PS5 stock out of the blue this morning, for example. 

If anyone’s going to offer PS5 deals in the US today, there’s a chance (albeit a slim one) that it’s going to be Amazon. The retailer has an irritating habit of dumping PS5 restocks on us at the strangest of times, so your best bet is keeping its PS5 page bookmarked and checking in every so often.

As for other stores, a PS5 restock tomorrow or at the tail-end of the week is more likely. GameStop commonly shoots for mid-week, and Best Buy last had stock on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Target and Walmart tend to go on Thursdays or Fridays. Walmart in particular hasn’t had stock in a while, so it’s one to watch.

PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon
If you’re unsure about which PS5 to get, this is the one you should prioritize. Why? It has a 4K Blu-ray disc drive. That means you can play physical games and Blu-rays on it, which winds up being cheaper in the long run than buying digitally.
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PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon
This version of the PS5 is a tempting offer; it doesn’t have a disc drive so is much cheaper than the standard PS5. Plus, it’s identical in every other way. Just be aware that you can’t use game, DVD, or Blu-ray discs on it – everything has to be bought digitally. This is often more expensive in the long run.
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Previous PS5 restock dates at retailers

Check for PS5 restock deals today

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