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It’s a new week, so what does that mean for our chances of a PS5 restock? Monday is usually quiet in terms of deals, but that isn’t to say you should stand down until tomorrow. The likes of Amazon has a rather frustrating habit of offering the console without warning and at the most inconvenient times, so keeping an eye out is always a good idea.

If we do get lucky with a PS5 restock, make sure you’re not paying over the odds. Standard PS5 consoles should cost $499.99 in the USA and £449.99 in the UK, while the Digital Edition weighs in at US$399.99 or £349.99 across the pond. 

You shouldn’t have to pay more than that unless you’re getting a bundle with games or some of the best PS5 accessories.

PS5 restock: July 26, 2021

Should we be expecting a PS5 restock this week? Even though Monday is traditionally quiet, things start to pick up as we hurtle like Crash Bandicoot toward the weekend. 

Sony’s last drop was on a Tuesday earlier in July, for example, and Best Buy has been known to go on Wednesdays and Fridays (it closed out last week with a drop on July 23). Meanwhile, Walmart and GameStop usually stick to Thursday. Target also offered a PS5 restock on Friday a couple of weeks ago, and that means it may do so again. 

To cut a long story short, watch out for all those retailers over the next few days. Refresh them occasionally to see if they have PS5 stock, too.

What about Amazon? Despite dropping on a Wednesday earlier this month, it’s almost impossible to predict. It could get PS5 deals at any point, so you’re better off checking in every now and then or watching out for social media stock trackers for a heads-up.

PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon
Unsure of which PS5 you should get? This is the one we’d recommend. It’s the full-fat PS5 experience thanks to the inclusion of a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, meaning you can play all your physical PS5 and PS4 games on it. You can also use it for DVDs and Blu-rays, something that isn’t possible on the cheaper Digital Edition below.
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PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon
Considering how this version of the PS5 is less expensive, it’s really quite tempting. OK, so it doesn’t have a disc drive. But it’s identical in every other way, allowing you to enjoy a new-gen experience for less. Just remember, you can’t use game, DVD, or Blu-ray discs on it – everything has to be bought digitally.
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Previous PS5 restock dates at retailers

Check for PS5 restock deals today

To get the best possible chance of securing a PS5 restock, keep a beady eye on the retailer quick links we’ve listed below. They get new consoles in most frequently, so it’s worth checking them every now and then.

If you manage to secure the console, don’t forget to check out our guides on the best PS5 headsets and best TV for PS5. Equally, our PS5 SSD or best PS5 external hard drives guides may be of use if you’re looking for bonus storage.

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