PS5 Game Install Sizes Revealed

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Now that the PS5 has been fully revealed a lot of information is coming out regarding games that are set to release at launch. Now the file sizes have been posted online dashing the hopes of install sizes getting smaller going into next generation.

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    rhythmicstu says:

    @spawn wave plus – I don’t get why buy the physical disc then it basically installs the full game on the SSD. (I get its probably faster). so when I play the disc does the console ever read the disc then? or is it all running from SSD? what is the read speed from the disc when playing games? are the past discs better quality than PS4 discs? II prefer to buy discs as believed it saves me from storing full games in the SSD. Am I saving any storage space when buying the disc? what is the point / benefit of the disc apart from resale ability? would love to see a video on this. thanks!

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    jarrett sharp says:

    Sony this is real simple. Make it to where you can choose to install the game or play it off the disc. That way if everyone needs space they can deal with a bit of loading times instead of like 3 games eating the hard drives memory. Keep in mind these file sizes are before patches. so what will you do when those drop?

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    Original Fate says:

    825 GB should be roughly 767 GB of actual space. Actual storage is typically 7-8% less (giving me the 767 GB) than advertised. This does not include the OS. For reference I believe PS4 OS is around 90 GB. It remains to be seen what the PS5 OS size is.

    XSX expansion card is 920 GB. This is 8% less than advertised. Assuming this is the same for the internal SSD, the Xbox OS is around 108 GB. My understanding is that a good portion of that is reserved for quick resume and that it may be possible to turn off the feature to gain more storage.

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    ninja36inc says:

    its a cash grab next gen should have 2tb m.2 drives 825 is a joke you will get ten games on there with patches dlc best start saving money for pcie 4.0 m.2s your going to need it if your buying consoles

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    184Dadada says:

    Pretty sure everyone figured next gen games would be bigger… this dude is an actual xbox wrapped in a neutral youtubers paper. Why do people freak out about storage? How many games do you play at one time? I have never had an issue with deleting and reinstalling games as needed. Rarely will I even download a game I’ve deleted in the past. Most people have access to good enough internet speeds where they can download a AAA game in an hour or less.

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    Duong Nguyen says:

    So which do you want low res textures for your next gen console and smaller size install or same size games as prior gen but with massively upgraded texture, animation etc.. No game on Ps4 looks as good as that Dark Souls remake, 60GB or not. Cerny said it, the next gen has better compression and optimized for data, the developers just want to use that extra space for more and better textures, why wouldn’t they. You don’t win awards for having the smallest install size, you win them for having the best looking game.

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    Darren Hodgson says:

    As it turns out the PS5 will have just 664 GB of internal storage so unless you only play a few games at a time to completion then uninstall them then you are going to quickly run of space, especially once you factor in digital downloads and your backward-compatible PS4 games such The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima which people may still be playing and, of course, new games like Cyberpunk. The console does have an additional NVMe drive slot but even for a 1 TB drive this will be expensive due to the need to use very high-speed ones. A 2 TB NVMe drive on PC cost over £300 and that’s over half the cost of the PS5 console!!!

    I am hoping that the PS5 will still allow most of its games to run from an external USB 3.0 hard drive for convenience as I would be happy to trade off faster loading times for the sake of having an extra 4 TB of storage for my games. Sure, some games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift’s Apart look to be built around ultra fast streaming but I’m guessing that most games won’t. Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example can work exactly the same as the original Spider-Man on PS4 with fast travel via a cutscene while it loads.

    I’m someone that typically switches between dozens of different games at a time and across months of playing them so having a nice big “on tap” games library to choose between is important to me. If I am restricted on what I can install due to speed requirements then I will likely end up buying fewer games and if others do the same then that is not going to be good for the games industry as a whole.

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