PS5 DualSense Controllers Are Already Breaking?

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The PS5 has been out for a little over a month now and the most impressive parts of the experience certainly come from the DualSense controller. However now it looks like more and more cases are popping up online of the controller’s adaptive triggers having issues and even snapping when being used. What’s causing this problem and can Sony fix it over time?

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DualSense loose/sensitive R2 trigger – Root Cause and temporary fix from PS5

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    Gaza683 says:

    The consoles are like vehicles now. They’re made to brake.its all about money. They could of done and still can do better but they don’t. They made the stuff so it brakes then you have to go buy a new one. So so greedy. Even the game developers are doing it now. Gaming isn’t what it used to be. It’s far more toxic than ever and pretty much everything on console is broken.weve all spent alot of money on this stuff and the outcome/quality of everything is poor. I’m not impressed with it.they could of done better but the didn’t. All I can say is it’s greedy and nobody has any true gamer love anymore. The world will be a bitter place soon enough. And gaming will be full of many many ppl with mental issues ect. Why ?, They wanted it to happen. They made it happen. And why is there no help or advice on issues that are in relation to the gaming.see my point. There is no help or love for gaming anymore.its more toxic than ever

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    BenBonBinBan says:

    I love my PS5, it is a tremendous console but the controller are absolutely awful bit sony’s never gonna change anything. It’s fucking ridiculous but that’s kinda how the world works nowadays

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    Arturo Olivo says:

    My brother got a PS5 yesterday and already the controller is broke. It has the left analog stick moving to the left. So glad I didn’t buy a PS5 as I always think back to the 360 launch with the Red Ring of Death.

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    Jerkface Killa says:

    I disabled the adaptive triggers the first day I got the PS5 and tried to play CoD Cold War online and literally could not shoot …. so my adaptive triggers are pristine 😁

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    SpaceBoyM says:

    Stock controller right trigger is dogshit after a year of regular use. Second controller just started having drift on left stick after 6 month. Bravo, Sony

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    Zack T.D says:

    If anyone sees this my controller got stepped on and now my headset jack thingy is broke( the headset plug doesn’t stay in and the audio sucks) Help!

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