3.0e Full Digital 240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p & 576p to HDMI format HDMI Line Doubler Converter Adaptor for ALL Gamecube NGC

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HDMI-compatible Line Doubler Adapter Adaptor Digital to HDMI-compatible for Gamecube NGC


The majority of modern televisions have connectivity via HDMI-compatible and lack some of the older inputs such as component, SCART and composite which retro consoles usually use. With the Bitfunx Gamecube to HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter, you can give your old Gamecube a new lease of life and make it look better than ever running through your modern HD/4k TV. The Bitfunx Gamecube to HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter is also plug and play so its simple and quick to use.


1) Video and audio in full digital HDMI-compatible format with zero transmission loss.

2) Works with the vast majority of HDMI-compatible enabled televisions and monitors.

3) Hassle free! Plug and Play.

4) Supports all Gamecube display modes (240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p).

5) Provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colours and resolution.

6) No power adapter, no messy cords – Just one single HDMI-compatible Cable.

7) The ability to line double (upscale) lower resolution games.

8) The option to add and remove scan lines for a more authentic aesthetic.

9) Remote control for easy option changes.

10) Can be updated.


Adapter Dimensions– 7.62cm x 4.1cm

Adapter Weight– 31g

Remote Dimensions– 8.9cm x 4.1cm

Remote Weight- 19g

Power Consumption– Below 2w

Supports all Gamecube display mode options via the ‘Digital Output’ connection
including: 240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p & 576p. A CR2025 battery is required for the remote control.


1) Connect the Bitfunx Gamecube to HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter to the digital output on the back of your Nintendo Gamecube.

2) Plug a HDMI-compatible cable from your TV into the HDMI-compatible output of the Bitfunx Gamecube to HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter.

3) Power on your TV and then your Nintendo Gamecube.

4) On your TV choose the source (e.g. HDMI-compatible1).

5) That’s it! Our Bitfunx HDMI-compatible adapters are ‘Plug and Play’ so they are very simple to use.


Using the remote control, you can access the additional features by pressing ‘Menu’ andswiping through the options using the arrow keys. There are a variety of changeable features,such as the ability to ‘Line Double’ and add scan lines for your preferred appearance. Themain purpose of the ‘Line Doubler’ feature which can be accessed by pressing Menu andturning ‘Linedoubler’ on will be to upscale your games.For example 240p can be line doubled to 480p. This translates to a much clearer and crisperimage. This is shown in the picture below:

Additional information

Brand Name




Compatible Brand/Model


Nintendo Model

Nintendo GameCube


NGC to HDMI converter adapter

Digital Output

240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p & 576p



12 reviews for 3.0e Full Digital 240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p & 576p to HDMI format HDMI Line Doubler Converter Adaptor for ALL Gamecube NGC

  1. G***a

    Product as described! Sent fast!

    Color: NGC adapter

  2. S***s

    Пришло быстро, целым и невредимым. Качество картинки очень порадовало – лучше композита, скарта, и даже переходников на HDMI (те что в AV Out подключаются), даже не ожидал такой картинки

    Color: NGC adapter

  3. D***a

    Top, works perfectly, am still learning to move, more picture or compare with AV cable, much better.

    Color: NGC adapter

  4. g***r

    the picture is fantastic quality with both ntsc and pal signals.

    Color: NGC adapter

  5. A***I

    Excellent product quality, packaging, content, etc.

    Color: NGC adapter

  6. C***j

    It was delayed to arrive but excellent product. The image looks much better, recommended for those with a gamecube model DOL-001

    Color: NGC adapter

  7. R***C

    I don’t install it yet, it looks good quality and just like the publication, it came well packed, when I try I’ll comment

    Color: NGC adapter

  8. L***z

    Well-packed product and good quality appearance. Reasonable delivery time, lack to test and leave feedback.

    Color: NGC adapter

  9. T***r

    Excellent product. Work as advertised. Important detail, it is incompatible as GameCube Brazilian (gradient) being pal-m. But it makes the promises both GameCube NTSC in pal European

    Color: NGC adapter

  10. s***s

    Fast shipping thank you

    Color: NGC adapter

  11. R***s

    What equipment well done, comes a good packaging, product quality is excellent.
    The video quality is very good.

    Color: NGC adapter

  12. AliExpress Shopper

    Very satisfied with my purchase, Impressed with the build quality of the adapter and the video output is excellent. I didn’t know there is also audio passing through the digital port! so audio and video are embedded into the same HDMI source! I highly recommend this adapter, overall top notch quality, great to experience the best AV quality from your old gamecubes!

    Color: NGC adapter

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