2.2 inches GBC LCD High brightness LCD screen for Gameboy COLOR GBC, plug and play without welding and shell cutting.

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The black in our options is actually dark gray. Close to the original Nintendo color. Because we used to call it black. And the color is very close to black.

New version

We no longer provide 3M sponge double-sided adhesive. Fix the LCD with customized double-sided tape and LCD stop block. Easier to install LCD.

Each set of LCD has been tested before shipment. You can test it again like this before installing.

The game logo of this picture is mosaic. The LCD display is in good condition. There is no tearing or frame loss.

Installation tutorial


1. Do not fold the LCD cable where there are electronic components!
2. Do not pull the LCD cable!
3. Do not tear off the polarizing film on the LCD screen!
4. The LCD screen should avoid water!
5. Do not paste double-sided tape on the black components and cables at the bottom of LCD screen!

Use the supplied double-sided adhesive tape and LCD stop block to fix the LCD. If lost, please use ordinary double-sided tape instead.The metal part on the back of LCD screen is pasted with insulating tape.
The 2.2-inch LCD screen is smaller than the original 2.45-inch LCD screen. A special lens must be used to cover the LCD screen frame.
When installing the LCD adapter board, pay attention to that the cable must be fully inserted and the cable holder must be fastened.

This GB GBP GBC ngpc general LCD screen is our own research and development. At present, there are pirated products on the market!

We will make better products and fight against piracy!
Pirated products currently do not support the four models.
Next year, we will all use brand-new LCD screen for GB GBP GBC NGPC。
We are also in the process of making GBA LCD. Our plan will change the status quo and become more perfect.

Pirated vs. genuine

1) piracy uses low-cost chips, which are large in size and installed in the machine. The main board cannot be perfectly closed. The genuine uses the chip with smaller size and stronger performance, which can be perfectly installed in the machine, without the mainboard warping.
2) the pirated chip has a large volume and increased power consumption, which can not make the machine reach the expected endurance level. The genuine chip has strong performance and low power consumption, so the ordinary AA battery can be used for a long time.
3) piracy can’t update new functions in the first time. The genuine chip will update the new function in the first time.
At present, a store specializing in piracy for 13 years is selling pirated GBC LCD screen kits. Friends should not be cheated.

Additional information

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Nintendo Model

GameBoy Color

11 reviews for 2.2 inches GBC LCD High brightness LCD screen for Gameboy COLOR GBC, plug and play without welding and shell cutting.

  1. M***l

    Excellent screen, and very easy to put on.
    It’s beautiful to discover the colors of the GBC games.

    Color: 2.2 GBC Black

  2. M***l

    Fast delivery and trouble free installation. Works flawlessly.

    Color: 2.2 GBC PK

  3. m***m

    Perfect, as described. Drop in V5 board so the touch sensor lines up nicely naturally.
    5 brightness settings which is a nice touch, you have the option to turn it off and remind yourself what it was like playing without a backlight
    NO SOLDERING required, you do have to cut some 3M pad to size to position the screen 4mm & 7mm strips from memory.
    Included is a customer slightly smaller screen lense as the screen is slightly small than the original.
    I chose GREY #2
    10/10 very happy with my purchase and my 1st real mod to my GBC!
    Arrived very fast which is a bonus

    Color: 2.2 GBC Gray

  4. m***m

    This set fit perfectly no problems on installation and finished in 30 minutes. Fast shipping to Germany

    Color: 2.2 GBC sakura

  5. U***r

    Simple installation. I was naturally really cautious of the ribbon cables at first but you can use moderate force to lock in the cables to the mainboard, and the ribbon cables are malleable enough to fold around the board to reassemble your Gameboy. Just be careful and don’t go gung-ho and as long as you don’t completely fold them on themselves, it should work a charm.

    Color: 2.2 GBC PMG

  6. C***n

    Very good quality and works perfect, easy to install

    Color: 2.2 GBC Black

  7. a***a

    The screen is a wonder, it is very easy to install and works perfectly

    Color: 2.2 GBC PK

  8. J***r

    Very happy with it. Good quality.

    Color: 2.2 GBC Light green

  9. F***a

    I arrive all very well packed, very fast too, I don’t install it yet, when I do I will upload an image

    Color: 2.2 GBC Silver

  10. B***d

    Came well packaged and as the description. Will still make the MoD

    Color: 2.2 GBC Black

  11. D***a

    Excellent Product, comes with everything to do normal screen installation or ips v2, reliable store

    Color: 2.2 GBC Black

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