Paper Beast is a dreamlike odyssey in a surreal wildlife simulation.

Somewhere hidden in the vast memory of data servers, an ecosystem is born, Paper Beast.
As the first explorer of this virgin land, explore a world inhabited with endearing paper creatures. Interact with quirky animals and shape the environment to overcome obstacles and solve challenging puzzles. Unravel the deepening mysteries of Paper Beast and go on an adventure in this unique VR odyssey.

From the creator of Another World, Heart of Darkness, and From Dust.

– Explore a dreamlike universe as you embark on a VR adventure filled with discovery.
– Encounter intelligent wildlife and watch them adapt their behaviour to the player’s actions. Establish meaningful connections with them as they guide you through the mysterious world of Paper Beast.
– Solve environmental puzzles by playing with the elements and the terrain: water, ice, sand…

– A full ecosystem set in a living, breathing dynamic virtual universe.
– An organic origami art style captures the world of Paper Beast.
– An extensive physic simulation system lies at the core of Paper Beast, powering everything from creature locomotion to terrain deformation, playing an active part in many of the puzzles adventures encountered.
– Immersive ambient OST by Roly Porter and TsuShiMaMire making full use of a binaural audio direction.


Music: Roly Porter