• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Fiat Users Are Playing Hot Potato While Bitcoiners Play Musical Chairs

Kicking the can down the road, versus capturing pieces of immutable scarcity. This is the choice that bitcoin brings to the table.

Bitcoin Helps Us Overcome Probability-Based Energy Systems

Variable energy productions as a result of weather are guarantees of downtime and wasted money — so why incentivize them?

‘Bitcoin Valley’ Hub Launches In Honduras

The private initiative launched in the town of Santa Lucia, Honduras, aims to spur bitcoin adoption and invite more tourism to the region.

Bitcoin Exchange FTX Wins Full Approval To Operate In Dubai

The company will build a headquarters in Dubai to operate exchange and clearinghouse services for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through a subsidiary.

Babel Finance Loses $280 Million, 8,000 BTC Of Customer Funds: Report

A report cites a restructuring deck where Babel details unhedged ‘risky’ trading practices leading to mass liquidations which require massive debt to recover.

Africa Is Poised For A Bitcoin Mining Boon

Surging general interest in Bitcoin, ideal energy sources and other facts make Africa an ideal region for growing bitcoin mining operations.

Hong Kong university to inaugurate mixed reality classroom in Metaverse

By building MetaHKUST, the institution plans to create a learning environment that virtually connects the two campuses — in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Ticketmaster scouts productization of enterprise NFTs beyond ticketing

Ticketmaster’s job posting for a product manager of NFT ticketing tooling reveals the company’s intent to roll out NFT-based enterprise products “across all content categories including sports and music.”

Crypto pumps after Fed rate hike, Zuckerberg pins hopes on Metaverse making hundreds of billions and Tesla posts $64M BTC gain: Hodler’s Digest, July 24-30

Can blockchain be used without cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology supports cryptocurrencies but can also be used for supply chain tracking, identity management systems, healthcare and more.