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PC Building Simulator 2 is due to release soon and to mark the occasion, Overclockers UK is giving away a custom-built gaming PC, a number of custom PC cases, and free copies of the game. 
There will be ten winners for the competition in total, with the top prize being a custom gaming PC featuring custom artwork on the window of the case. Two runner-ups will also get a Kolink Observatory Z Mesh case with custom artwork printed on the window. From there, 4th to 10th place in the draw will get a free copy of PC Building Simulator 2 on the Epic Games Store.

Entering the competition will require you to submit a piece of your own artwork. The top winning entrants will have their submitted artwork printed on the Kolink Observatory Z Mesh Case window, and their designs will be featured at the Overclockers UK stand at Insomnia Gaming Festival.
You can find all of the terms & conditions, and enter the competition, HERE.
KitGuru Says: Good luck to any KitGuru readers that enter the competition!
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