The Mega Drive Mini is almost here! On October 4th we at SEGA of Europe will be releasing for the first time our very own miniature console. We take great pride in it and hope all of you will enjoy it as well when it releases. It’s been around 30 years since the SEGA Genesis began its journey through all our lives. And now, we get to share that journey with a new generation and share a part of ourselves.

We sent out the call, and you took it to the next level. A couple weeks ago, we asked our fans to share their story about what the SEGA Mega Drive meant to them. Whether it was the tale of how you woke up one morning to find the system wrapped and waiting to be opened, or how it was your bonding experience that brought the family together, it is clear the Mega Drive still holds a very special place in the hearts of many in the gaming community.

For those who grew up with a Mega Drive in their household or if this is the first time you’re getting a chance to check out its library, we hope the upcoming release of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini will help make new memories!
We would like to give thanks to some of our special guests who contributed to our video compilation including Tom Kalinske, Al Nilsen, Peter Moore, Blake J. Harris, Greg Miller, and The Completionist.