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Order the best-selling Logitech G435 Bluetooth gaming headset for under $40 for a limited time – Daily Mail


Sep 15, 2022

By Tanya Sharma For Dailymail.com


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Take gaming to the next level with this wireless gaming headset that’s both aesthetically cool and highly functional. If anyone can deliver in that department, it’s Logitech — and right now you can pick up the company’s G435 Lightspeed headset for $49.99, a savings of 38% off the list price.
Ask anyone with a penchant for quality gear and they’ll immediately extol the virtues of a headset that doesn’t feel like a lead weight when they wear it. Of course, that only matters if the product offers incomparable sound quality.
Gaming just got even more enjoyable thanks to this wireless headset that looks just as good as it performs. 
There’s not just one major selling point — there are several, including the fact that it’s so lightweight, you may forget you’re wearing it. 
The sustainably-designed headset is also 100% carbon-neutral and offers fantastic range and battery lifespan. 
Fortunately, the G435 comes through in a big way. Given the myriad wireless headsets available today, it’s easy enough to find something that works decently. The Logitech offering differs in that it’s a standout amongst its peers.
The slightly squared cups provide complete ear coverage and contribute to a flawless listening experience that’s bolstered by a pair of beamforming microphones that dull any lingering background sounds. 
Incomparable sound quality lends this wireless headset an edge over the competition.
Sustainability is a bonus feature that will appeal to anyone hoping to reduce their carbon footprint. The G435’s plastic components are constructed of at least 22% recycled plastic, while the packaging is derived from forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council — which means it’s all properly and responsibly sourced.
It’s all in keeping with Logitech’s ongoing commitment to the environment, as the company has made great strides to minimize impact through continuously updated production techniques.
Feel-good factor aside, there’s also the literal feel-good detail that makes this headset so worthwhile: serious gamers could conceivably wear it for hours on end without any discomfort. Thousands of reviewers agree that it’s a game-changer.
Hours and hours of continuous playtime ensure you’ll never miss a beat when listening to music or playing your favorite game.
‘I think these are some of the best headphones I’ve had, and for the price that’s saying a lot,’ expressed one shopper. ‘They are extremely light and simple yet still have all the qualities you would need in a headset. The bass is very substantial, and the rest of the sound is surprisingly crisp.’
That’s what matters most, whether you’re playing games or listening to music. Plus, it offers 18 hours of continuous play time when fully charged, so you never have to worry about it losing steam mid-activity. Avid gamers will no doubt appreciate this Logitech headset, but anyone hoping to snap up a quality product for less will definitely be pleased.
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