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Nvidia teases RTX 4000 GPUs using a green Star Wars holocron – PCGamesN


Sep 16, 2022

Another Nvidia RTX 4000 teaser has arrived, and it includes Ada Lovelace references and something that resembles a Star Wars Sith holocron
Phil Hayton
Published: Sep 15, 2022
Nvidia just shared another RTX 4000 teaser, but the latest Project Beyond snippet is more confusing than the last. This time, the GPU giant’s mysterious marketing features a weird-looking pyramid, and it looks more like a Star Wars Sith holocron than something related to gaming PC tech.
Clocking in at twelve seconds long, the new Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU teaser uses a small glowing pyramid sitting on a gaming desk to drum up excitement. The ominous clip feeds into the futuristic vibe of the Project Beyond campaign, but it’s perhaps also a sign that the event will cover more than the green team’s best graphics card plans.
Nvidia’s teasers invoke ‘out of this world’ vibes, so it seemingly wants us to prepare for something ambitious. While next-gen graphics cards like the RTX 4090 could enhance the best gaming PC builds tenfold, the upcoming GeForce event could take us on a trip beyond the realm of hardware altogether.
RTX 4000: Nvidia tweet with green pyramid that reads "look beyond"
Before you get too excited, we’re not suggesting the glowing prism is actually a real thing. Rather than being a product in itself, the pyramid might be Nvidia’s way of teasing cloud services like GeForce Now – an RTX-powered streaming service that now provides access to over 1,400 games.
Naturally, there’s more to this cryptic graphics card puzzle than meets the eye, and an earlier clip shared via the Nvidia ANZ account effectively confirms the company’s Ada Lovelace architecture.
The short video almost looks the same as the one shared by the UK social media team but includes a “Diagram for the computation by the Engine of the Numbers of Bernoulli” (via Videocardz). If you’re a tech history nerd, you know this as the same chart created by inventor Ada Lovelace back in 1843, acting as a reference to the unannounced graphics platform.
If you’re not into solving puzzling GPU easter eggs, you’ll be pleased to know that Nvidia is set to reveal its RTX 4000 plans on September 20. The rumour mill says RTX 4090 GPUs should launch in October, followed by RTX 4080 options in November, but you’ll have to wait till the festive season and beyond to get hold of an RTX 4070 or the RTX 4060. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, and we won’t have to wait long to find out.
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