• Thu. Sep 22nd, 2022

New technology launched to develop green methanol – SAFETY4SEA – Safety4Sea


Sep 21, 2022

WasteFuel launched WasteFuel Methanol Module. This is a new technology that aims to accelerate the use of organic waste to produce green methanol.
The WasteFuel Methanol Module is designed to produce up to 100 metric tons per day of fuel grade methanol from a variety of waste sources including landfill gas and biogas from anaerobic digestion.
The process is engineered to simultaneously wet and dry reform to convert waste into green methanol. The technology will be available for licensing meaning even greater potential for adoption and decarbonization.
When used at a commercial scale the WasteFuel Methanol Module will produce green methanol fuel that can achieve up to 90% reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gases and pollutants compared to conventional fuels.
Green methanol is critically important in decarbonizing global shipping and the supply chains of companies who depend on it. There is also a vast market for green methanol in the petrochemicals space
Trevor Neilson, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of WasteFuel, commented.
Now, WasteFuel aims to produce green methanol that can be used in a variety of markets including shipping, marine transport, and petrochemicals.
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