New Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST) supports latest IP specs – EBU

The EBU has released version 2.2. of the Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST), the software package for testing and diagnosing IP-based live production infrastructures. The latest version incorporates support for new standards and recommendations such as SMPTE ST 2110-22 with Jpeg XS.
EBU LIST v2.2 now also complies with SMPTE RP 2110-25, a recommendation on test and measurement equipment alignment authored by Willem Vermost (VRT). With this adoption, EBU LIST paves the way for the proper alignment between various complementary media over IP test and measurement solutions, aiming to help end-users get a consistent view of the performance and status of their IP networks and media endpoints.
The EBU is now seeking feedback to help build community support for LIST and set further development goals. If you are an active LIST user, please provide us with your valuable feedback in this short questionnaire. By participating in this survey, you agree that the EBU will process the personal data you submit in accordance with its privacy notice.
The Live IP Software Toolkit is used by dozens of EBU Member organizations and service providers ‘on the job’, with nearly 1000 instances running around the globe. It is also the official JT-NM Tested reference tool for media-over-IP testing, measuring and results validation and incorporated into the testing and validation procedures by numerous manufacturers.
EBU LIST is open source and community developed. In the context of organized testing initiatives such as the JT-NM Tested series, this ensures that testing is done in a reliable, repeatable, and vendor-neutral fashion. The automatic reporting feature implemented in LIST facilitates the maintenance of the testing setups and allows testers to focus on the essential particularities of each product.
15 Aug 2022
LIST on the EBU Github
LIST as a Docker container
LIST dematerialized version
Ievgen Kostiukevych
Senior IP Media Technology Architect

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