We’ll show you how to get free Gears 5 characters, the latest free updates in your fave online worlds, and get a visit from Claptrap to look at Borderlands 3!
Plus, get the backstory for GreedFall, and have the scoop on the best Xbox Indie game sale this week!
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#Borderlands3 #GreedFall

Borderlands 3: https://youtu.be/O82iivyUw_8
Gears 5 Characters: https://youtu.be/TqlYKgYFS1Q // https://youtu.be/kSaZPvtSIBs
GreedFall: https://youtu.be/Cb0xusNJYLs
Red Dead Online: https://youtu.be/syEgR5HxiJ8

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