NBA 2K22 – Anyone, Anywhere: MyCAREER Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Look, feel, and play the part of an NBA star by creating a MyPLAYER that will be the focus of an all-encompassing story on the road to becoming a legend.

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    Simon Barnier says:

    Also loving the shoe squeek sounds while he’s floating mid air.

    Not to mention the crowds reaction to his game winnig goal being 40points apart.

    Do they even take this trailer serious?

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    Супер Марио says:

    Hi, I’m writing from Kazakhstan, I ask you to unlock the ps store for our country. I chose the Russia region, since there was no Kazakhstan region, how can I change the region to Kazakhstan now? Why did I buy a subscription for a year?

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    Kolyan Cap says:

    Hey scammers open playstore in Russia 🇷🇺!!!
    I paid for PlayStation plus for one year, and I can not use it and download free games that are INCLUDED in my paid subscription

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    itsjusterthought says:

    Sony we have a problem that could seriously affect gaming. Russia has asked China to supply weapons so they can continue murdering innocent people. PS4/PS5/Xbox/Nintendo consoles are all manufactured in China. I won’t buy a PS5 if my money pays for guns to kill people. The West may apply sanctions on China to prevent console exports anyway. The repercussions of such a decision should be made loud and clear to China. PS5 could be placed on hold for 5 years while Sony create alternative manufacturing plants in other countries.

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