More Sony PS5 Games Are Heading To PS4…

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Today out of nowhere Sony announced that several PS5 games will also be cross gen such as God of War and Gran Turismo 7. While God of War Ragnarok was never confirmed as a PS5 exclusive, Gran Turismo 7 was actually advertised in a trailer as a PS5 title.

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    Hoof Hearted says:

    Hopefully large dev companies just drop all old gen support. Nothing like limiting game development to old gen hardware. It’s why games that are designed for console run like crap on a pc. They aren’t optimized for that system. This sucks big. Imagine if you were stuck with ps3 game design because Sony said so. Hell when has a new generation console not been priority number 1 to buy for those with old gen? I get people cannot get them, so get them to stores, start lottery draws for them like Newegg has now. Sorry console players. We pc people feel your pain on upgrading to new gen. Took almost 6 months to find a gpu for my pc. Fully built pc for 6 months only needed a GPu. Was sick to my stomach. Cheaters ruining gaming in games, scalpers ruining gaming in real life.

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    Micah says:

    With God of War 2018 you can tell when the game is loading in the background (long climbing sections/opening doors/tunnels/changing realms) to give it that one long continuous take look/feel. Now with the ps5 loading being way faster are they going to still have all of those things?

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    zen underground says:

    The Gran Turismo 7 criticism seems to be the one most justified. Gran Turismo was always the game to help show off a (new) console, even on the PSP. I don’t recall ever seeing a new Gran Turismo game ever being sold on the older and newer console. It was always pushing the newest, most powerful PlayStation currently available. To be fair though for the legacy of the PS4, it didn’t really get the true Gran Turismo treatment. So that is nice. Better late than never.

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    zen underground says:

    I really want to know how many of these “sold out” PS5s are actively being used to purchase games. I guess Ratchet and Clank sales would be a decent test? Really wondering if the active user base currently just isn’t there yet to have one of these big titles sell the amount they are hoping for. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Sony has changed their mind only now. I don’t see them developing these games for PS5 only to later decide to also make a PS4 “port”.

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