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Sep 21, 2022

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How to Improve Your K/D Ratio in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
If you’ve been diving into the online beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you’re probably wondering one thing: how do I improve my K/D ratio?
For veteran players and newcomers alike, K/D is not just a good shorthand for how you measure up as a player but a valuable tool for evaluating loadouts.
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A player is only as good as his equipment, and if you bring the proverbial knife to the gunfight, you can expect to see less than ideal results.
These are handy tips that players of any skill level should find useful. Lets take a look at improving your K/D ratio in Modern Warfare 2.
Sound cues have always been an essential part of COD. Hearing enemy footsteps, a grenade’s metallic rattle as it hits the floor, and gunfire both near and far give you vital information about your surroundings.
Listen carefully as you’re moving through the maps and flash your eyes to your minimap to keep track of allies – is that a friendly dumping his M4 mag or a potential hostile? With practice, you can level up your auditory awareness and get an advantage over your enemies.
The flip side is to be careful about the amount of noise you make. If you sprint everywhere, you’ll announce your presence to every bad guy within earshot. Sprint only when you’re sure enemies aren’t nearby or as an absolute necessity – like a cruise missile heading your way.
This is advice as old as time for shooter games, but: learn the maps. Knowing where the cover is, how many entrances and exits a building has, and where the objectives are will be a massive advantage for you.
You’ll also learn where all the sight lines are so you don’t wander straight into the kill zone. Long corridors with no cover or open areas with multiple angles of attack should have you thinking twice about charging in head first.
If your team is swapping fire with the enemy on the main street, it’s handy to know where the back alleys are. Sneak around and flank for easy kills, but as you get closer, slow down.
They have a saying in the Navy Seals: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” If you can draw your weapon smoothly, you’ll have the advantage every time. We can adapt it for our purposes here when it comes to movement.
The human eye is drawn to movement, which made us the alpha predator on the earth (well, that and opposable thumbs). If you slow down, you make yourself less of a target with the bonus of making less noise.
If you want to be super hardcore about it, choose operators with skins that blend into the map’s color scheme. Most of the maps in the beta have gray or brown color schemes, so dress accordingly. If you’re wearing army green, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb against a gray concrete wall.
Keeping in tradition with the last installment of Modern Warfare, there are many customization options for your arsenal. Consider which setup will be best depending on the map and how you’d like to play.
For more aggressive play, I’d recommend the FFS Hurricane. This SMG has, by default, a 50-round magazine and a high rate of fire. You’ll be able to engage multiple targets, and the iron sights give a good enough sight picture in close to medium range.
If you’ve been playing or have played COD before, you’ll know weapon customization is a massive part of the game. But what attachments should you run?
The number one trait to focus on is aim-down-sight speed. The rest can be balanced and tweaked depending on how you like to play, but if you can’t even get your gun up, you’re as good as dead.
Other stats you’ll want to consider next are recoil control, bullet damage, and ammo capacity. This will ensure your TTK (time to kill) is finely tuned for maximum effect.
You have many options for throwables and should try all of them to get a good feel for each. That way, you’ll know what works for what situations. A decoy grenade is excellent for drawing enemies out from cover, but a smoke grenade can help cover your tracks.
You’ll start with just one lethal and one tactical, but there are perks you can equip to give you two of each. A proximity mine is great for covering your back or protecting an objective, but nothing quite beats sticking someone with a thermite grenade. Semtex is always fun, and the old reliable hand grenade is as helpful as ever.
We recommend flashbangs as they’re great for both offense and defense. Need to charge into a room? Flash it first. Need to pull back and recover your health? Drop one as you retreat. As for lethals, the thermite grenade is better if you play Domination and Semtex for your lethal; the extra blast radius helps catch fleeing enemies.
Remember, the point of playing video games is to have fun, not fly into a blind rage when you get killed. You won’t always have a good match, but with practice, you can keep yourself away from the bottom of the leaderboard.
Yes, you can, but you’ll need to unlock and equip perks in order to do so.
Based on our experience, the FSS Hurricane is a beast of an SMG with its high rate of fire and large magazine.

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