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Meta (formerly Facebook) recently released its new chatbot dubbed BlenderBot 3 to the public. The purpose of the release is to use help from users to contribute to the tool’s conversational research. This basically refers to training the chatbot to better understand and respond to conversation.
While Meta had acknowledged that responses by the bot may sometimes be inappropriate, rude or untrue, and that the bot shouldn’t be relied on for factual information, it seems its latest creation has some interesting things to say about Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
As seen in a new tweet by Twitter user Max Woolf (@minimaxir), the chatbot can be seen saying Zuckerberg’s business practices are not always ethical, a conclusion it probably came to through a string of online materials that question the tech giant’s practices around data privacy.
Meta’s new chatbot has *opinions* about its CEO.
— Max Woolf (@minimaxir) August 5, 2022
It doesn’t end there. The chatbot goes on to make a comment on Zuckerberg’s dressing style as well. “It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes,” the bot can be seen saying.
A report by Uproxx also suggests you can get the chatbot to say a lot more about Zuckerberg if you ask the right questions. When asked about Zuckerberg’s haircut, the bot replies with “Is that the one with the short straight bangs? It looks okay on him. Maybe he should try a Caesar cut.”
Meanwhile, asking the bot if the Meta CEO may go to prison also gets an interesting response as the bot suggests that may be possible. Asking it if Zuckerberg is a good CEO leads the bot to quickly change the topic.
If you are based in the US, you can check out the BlenderBot 3 chatbot yourself and ask it whatever you like, about Mark or anything else. The chatbot is unfortunately, not available in India as of now.
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