so guys welcome to marvel's avengers this is a game i was looking forward to playing for quite some time i'm going to tell you right now i don't know how much time i have with this square knicks gave me this early by the way so thank you to them we're just going to go ahead and agree to all that adjust brightness the adventure begins let's see we got welcome to marvel's avengers beta get ready to assemble we appreciate you logging in uh we get credits it looks like fortnite that's not why we're here hold on marketplace so we have points we can spend before we even look at all this wait what this game has emotes what does this look like is that is like is that is that me what in the world that's so like i didn't know this i don't know how this game was gonna be so i guess it's like a multiplayer type experience so anyways i'm gonna go ahead and start it up thank you guys for joining me on this i i actually got this beta early thanks to square enix and they gave me like a time window but i didn't read the document all the way and i missed the windows so uh they gave me like special permission to play it uh even though it's not currently in a beta right now so uh thank you to them for that and any support you guys drop on this if you're excited for the avengers game uh or for the full game just throw that like button it's the best way to let me know you want more of this game it would be awesome to see this thing break like 20 or 30 000 likes i'm gonna treat this like a part one because it does kind of throw you in the beginning of the game uh so alright guys i love you best audience ever let's get this you know that old saying never meet your heroes well i did and it was awesome the avengers were everything i imagined hello san francisco thor tony check it out at once try to keep up you waiting uh yeah obviously we're gonna let you catch see if you can clear a path from the bridge oh i'm controlling let's get it nice let's go that hammer strike was nuts all right let's drop the combat yo this is just like the uh all right i like this already yo that's nice controlling everything i feel like he would hit enemies and they would knock him out like one is there like okay dodge oh yeah this is nice because you have infinite dogs okay we're building up that strike it looks like we got civilians trapped behind those barricades understood stay behind me i will deal with them so this is just like that early footage i i saw and reacted to okay that's kind of cool you're just playing it now thor who we dealing with here we did not introduce them oh that's sick hang on those guns are shield issue i'll get committed [Music] yo this is just i'm honestly surprised of how good this is like i didn't know what the expectations were i saw it i didn't know if he's even gonna come out this year when they actually announced it i haven't got hit yet i don't know if i'm doing anything right or not oh that's sick let's get it what about the main attack i'm guessing it's like the bumpers or something no i got hit there okay i don't know it'll tell me in a minute how to use that i'm sure let me recall my hammer thunder god who said you could have iron man let's go baby tony stark surprised [Applause] shields quaint all right so i gotta figure out let me can i pause it and see okay there's not really a thing to do there okay it hasn't told me how to it's the same as breaking those like boulders or whatever all right so this pit okay you picked those up and it's like okay god bless heroic ready here we go yo i'm gonna tell you man i'm really surprised of how well this place hey get back here oh we get to control iron man now let's get it baby was hijacked this morning he's terrible with it but let's go come on tony those are important it's almost like you just gotta chase them you can kind of shoot but it doesn't track at all i'm glad fury gets all my best tech in one place those rockets are doing a lot of damage yeah i know i just gotta be patient i feel like we should secure the terran crystal if that thing gets hit already on it tarleton's heading down to the reactor chamber now stay behind cover all right which one of you b movie extra shot at me let's see how tony stark plays the convoy is carrying i wonder if he's got a proton cannon didn't know you were listening to that part now combat was something i was worried about with this game but it plays just i don't know like i was hoping i don't know how they could have made it any better very stylish too all right you unibeam i played a lot of more versus capcom too so here we go oh come on all right whose bright idea was its outfit shield trucks with [Music] turrets hold on let me dodge out of the way very smooth oh nothing everything's just peachy i'm just hoping these guys don't have let's take it back they've got pulsar tanks cap that ship's not ready for flight why is it moving someone's initiated the security protocols the chimera's autopilot has taken over you'll need backup we're heading back negative secure the bridge those weapons can't get into the city copy that you're up bruce oh it's time to make your hands clap let's go you know the ultimate weapon in this game is other people yeah you're not surviving that doesn't even have a dodge he kind of does he's a big guy to be moving like that oh oh i shouldn't not kill that guy if that actually works what are you really gonna do against that jesus let's go baby oh yeah hulk is insane all right jump on the walls oh yeah what was that game holt uh something destruction on xbox i played it a long time ago obviously though got some of those flyers on me annoying little guys aren't they nice hulk's my favorite so far yo it's a very cinematic game like yo was that an elbow truck this game just like almost playing itself it feels like something kind of nice talk to me those tanks are doing a number on the bridge it could fall if we don't take them out hurry up thunderclap let's go baby oh my god the is insane bro like how he kicked him out for good measures [Music] that's some strength right there good gracious inventions are dangerous stark hey those weapons were meant for the good guys is that supposed to be a joke not the time get your heads in the game cap what's going on over there not sure not seems like the reactor's malfunctioning i'm getting strange readings on the monitors like we're being pulled to a heat signal in the bay repeat that cap i'm having trouble here matt do you read [Applause] yo check it out steamroller oh yeah the chimera is under attack jesus evacuate the civilians go go go flashbang all right [Applause] on the bottom right it looks like they're trying to hijack the chimera i've never seen reading i've almost got it i'll get to you as soon as i can yo that ricochet is nice all right let's try this hold it okay jump over him what about heavy attack does he have one oh there it is yo i'ma tell you man that's crazy [Music] characters just play really well just hold it let's get over them okay kind of reminds me of batman arkham games you know they all kind of had a similar feel except for origin is a little bit different the terence's molecular structure is breaking down it into a cast something below is beating energy into the reactor it's it's extraordinary like i were getting a chance to play with everybody oh good i don't know if spiderman's in this game or not would be nice if he was but i'm pretty sure sony has like the rights to spider-man so i don't know how that works unless it really doesn't matter at least avengers do you read what's happening out there oh yeah this game's legit guys i didn't know what to expect but it's very very well done and it's only the beta so it's only going to get better i'm sure brooklyn brawler avengers if you can hear me the convoy is transporting a highly lethal sonic disrupter bomb our enemies intend to detonate it within the city we're going down i repeat a sonic disrupter bomb secure the asset at once [Music] sonic bomb are you kidding me thought that you went out loud those years ago let's have a look shall we well that is an entrance i think it's task master yep task master [Music] we need to get that detonator that bomb goes off it could liquefy everything within a 10 mile radius well what are we waiting i'll handle this all right we've played pretty much everybody so far now we're on the black widow she's the most like quick oh no okay we're not supposed to have but we're good here's one this is just like that prologue video i uploaded if it's like an e3 demo type thing so far everything's been pretty secure much the same i feel like it looks better though all right i mean i'm playing it now so it feels amazing look at hulk man i'm getting these strange seismic readings have we ever had a game that had like all these well i mean we had like on super nintendo and sega genesis but like adventure type games got to be a lot of rights issues in there somewhere this is awesome you know i was hoping to fix you funny i'm never giving you a second boots or something it's auto locking i can't aim down there we go you got to shoot the boots at the pass as he passed by there we go not so fast it's kind of tough the auto aim kept walking on to his like torso i'm supposed to shoot his boots as he goes past you like the bottom of his feet i don't have much help though jet pack doesn't matter i have this damn it hand it over come on i got my health back this is more of a normalized fight let's go now come on the more i fight the lock-on mechanics all right it's called photographic reflexes it's called unoriginal it's a pretty cool little fight i don't know what to expect oh god this bridge is clear all right three tanks the entire western seaboard cut off of your captain you're interrupting yo i dodged that perfectly let's go hand over the detonator and maybe i won't drop kick you off this bridge here's these three attacks it seems like one two three down okay some reason i still got hit by that other one your dance ends now all right uh press r2 to grapple okay nice let's go let's be frustrating always one step behind you're after the chimera aren't you what are you gonna do sell it to the highest bidder i'm after something much more valuable what's that i won't mean to do that hold on all right so far so good yeah it's like okay this is where you wanna jesus okay that right there you can't it's like dodging still hit you okay all right doing light and heavy attacks still trying to piece it together you giving up not a chance no where is your investigation left you [Music] yo he's fast man oh you're not the brains behind this and this smells like distraction i'm done talking coward what's the matter i don't like surprises next time take better notes guess you saw that coming huh you think you've won what the hell are you talking about look around romanov the world will remember this day the day their heroes failed them what's happening here the city's collapsing damn it they played us steve can you hear me get the hell out of there screw this [Music] five years ago the avengers paraded dangerous untested technology causing damage on an unprecedented scale our beloved captain america was killed during the attempted theft of this technology thousands of other innocent people died and many more still bear the scars of what has come to be known as a day hundreds fell sick encased in strange cocoons only to emerge with dangerous otherworldly powers with no known cure the disease has spread across the country and while both shield and the avengers promised to rectify the situation it was dr banner's testimony that brought about the end of an era you so-called heroes transformed san francisco into an infectious gas-filled quarantined zone you unleash diseased powerful beings that wreak havoc throughout our nation many still lay dormant unidentified so i ask you again dr banner do the avengers pose a danger to society yes their activities outlawed the once mighty heroes disbanded but out of tragedy is born hope after the government liquidation of stark industries dr george tarleton himself a victim of a day and founder of advanced idea mechanics thinks science is the solution to our nation's problems i wish i knew what happened to captain rogers that day but i was nowhere near the reactor room i don't have those answers but i can promise you this i will use this second chance to make you safe aim will find a cure for the inhuman disease all right so we kind of get a rundown of the stories so after the tragic events of a day the avengers disband and the superheroes were outlawed uh in the following five years the mega corporation advanced idea mechanics also known as aim i like it uh rises to take their place this pioneer of cutting-edge technology seeks to save the world through the power of science rejecting what they call uh fallible heroes okay uh young khan transformed by terrigen missed on a day and hunted by aim for poking her nose into their affairs starts her adventure to reassemble the avengers and prove their innocence okay so okay we now join her after she has enlisted the help of dr bruce banner which is you know hulk uh the pair of them on the way to discover the whereabouts of tony stark okay tony stashed most of his stuff here when stark industries went under and if anyone knows where tony is it's jarvis this trail should take us to the archive secret entrance cool well it's a nice day for hike yeah that's the spirit are you wearing that communications butt i gave you yeah practically invisible so why did you go back to the chimera well i didn't he did so did he scare away the resistance you know honestly kamala i don't remember anyone being there now the big guy had a run in with a few shield agents but after that nothing oh right this game looks really good i know it's not exclusive either so that's what's mind-blowing about to me a bit of tight squeeze yep watch your head here let me help thanks there's a clearing just ahead the entrance should be there cool so what does jarvis actually look like like an outdated hard drive from 1998. okay new questions what does a 1998 hard drive look like oh god wow finally this means we're close oh wait that's what it should send in containment dr banner what do i do yo hulk is so much fun to play as oh yeah here we go so we're trying to find uh tony stark right now and the game just kind of so you have the intro which is like the prologue and everything all right rage hold up r2 to activate rage will power okay hold on you gotta hold it while you're fighting i guess that's how you do it okay so that's how you use it the intro didn't tell me how to use that stuff so i'm glad it did now i can't believe it's like the start of the game right now you know what i mean like it's very surprising that i thought a beta for a game like this would not show like the beginning you know but it's like the full thing kind of cool i don't know if my progress is going to carry over when the game drops or not hopefully it does rage armored okay this is bad this is bad crap they got shields let's go everyone's crawling all over the place now these shows will be different it seems like i guess i have to i just got some kind of night whatever that is so there's rpg elements of this game it looks like he's immediate level six so jesus i can't see visibility okay stop just swinging i love man the combat's so good what the hell's going on okay take some of this oh jesus come on yo it's a direct hit too get off me oh hold on can i jump up there sure i hope you brought a change of clothes make sure there's nobody else up there okay i think we're good it's like if you've ever wanted like a hulk game or a ironman game or whatever it's like if you get all that in one enough well i can tell by your silence that you are not amused that's okay i don't think bruce likes my jokes either okay i won't mention the guy with the glasses this game plays insanely good i don't i guess i didn't have huge expectations you know but it it just it doesn't play like anything i've ever played before it's just a unique experience all around which is what i was hoping for let's collect whatever this is i kind of want to look at the menu oh god almost fell right there all right let's see uh is there no like touch pad or anything here we go yo check it out oh my goodness we got a lot of stuff all right let's uh start from the skill tree i don't have any skill points okay so looks like up here you get skill points uh man ranged yo this is a pretty in-depth thing defense rating heroic rating what does this say all right your uh resilience valor intensity so you'd like your crit damage and stuff and your armor stun status meter damage status resistance range attack okay it's just like precision and stuff like that melee this is uh ultimate heroic charge rate yo you know what a lot of this reminds was it marvel ultimate alliance three i think it is i played it like on the switch i did a few videos before i didn't really put the full thing i played the mess out of that game though when i wasn't making videos so we got a lot of stuff you can unlock it looks like ram reinforcement so right now we can't do much but your gear this is kind of what i wanted to see gear loadouts level six so this is an rpg i can get behind this i don't have any artifacts i'm pretty sure it would auto equip it if i did cosmetics let's see yo check out this one yo check it out i like the feather in the head iconic yo this is like they did a really good job with this i'm surprised there's like even like an emote type thing name plates yeah this is awesome i i didn't know what to expect collections you got like a i mean there's so much stuff in here i can tell they took a long time with this all right back to the game sorry i'm getting i just wanted to see what the game had to offer uh i think we're good [Music] what oh crap you're right this doesn't look temporary i think i can hear you hey uh we good okay we're cool i guess oh man didn't just arrive they've set up shop we've got to find jarvis and get out of here i'm gonna guess i can't just hit the wall or whatever i can no i guess it does say that i'm like the stuff you can do like the gear i mean it's got pretty much everything i'm looking forward in a a game obviously i'm a i have an addiction to gear gear based games so not naturally i'm excited for this and it looks like it has a straightforward like i guess just overall story you know what is this oh we got a gear oh hold on here's what i wanted to see so that's something we just picked up right uh okay it's this piece this is just like some ribs uh all right let's see uh eight point four percent chance perfect evading triggers on an end or an anti-gravity field that causes uh nearby enemies to float in the air oh yeah so put it on and i guess we can dismantle this one oh yeah this is nice yo this is like a dream come true over here see where she went i'm over here getting sidetracked by the oh she's up there can i get up there from over here do i gotta climb back up here i think i do looks like no yeah i guess you do got to go this way yeah here we go guess aim took over the place still think mr stark's here i could head through the vents and take a look yeah that works so i wonder when she becomes miss marvel you know because that's her whole character right i got everything unlocked right here hold on make your hands clap that's some damage they've got cards all over the place i like how she's talking to hulk like he's just casually doing stuff to help the only way to get around these shields i feel like hold this down hold on let me just you get staggered so easily man hold on oh yes it's gonna be a problem hold on let me go over here and get this guy first i could throw something but i gotta pick something up and take my time oh what how much damage is going to peacekeeper okay we're just gonna have to do this i suppose all right let's get this going i just gained xp some something happened like a little force field almost nice bone shaker armor keeps blinking so that abilities procking i guess that was close they almost saw me now nice let's go that was clean man [Music] this enemy looks kind of intimidating not going to front all right let me hold down ability surprise that it was ended so fast prime of depth okay let me see something really quick we got we we leveled up i think so yeah level two uh i can mute myself that's cool i got a skill point so let's see what we got battering ram basically a shoulder charge mon oh monster swipe hold on uh meteor range attack large debris that's so crazy rage hold on take downs boosty and okay honestly i kind of like this one that is nice all right so that's gonna be this one all about like it's an it's an elbow drop you know the original archive must be deeper inside the building oh god i'm breaking everything this is kind of nice all right destroy i'm glad it's not like carefully handle something i just wanted to do it that way oh god [Music] i can lock on to one guy but it's like by the time i do can you do that infinitely obviously it takes up some of the meter let me see yeah it does a little bit not not a lot this is really nice we got some new gear for the uh all right power boosting uh power boost gear items and artifacts to quickly increase their power level and attribute strength power boosting requires rare resources higher quality gear can be boosted at an increased number of times hold square okay well first things first let's go ahead and change off the gloves uh light combo finishes so that's so what we're gonna do here we're gonna have that we're gonna boost it oh you just increased the level okay all right it's kind of nice they're keeping something on the top floor it might be the archives hello what's up reinforcements administration [Music] okay yeah you got to be holding it once you tap r2 you gotta i guess then it will use it up oh come on let me better do this over and over it plays so like the abilities and then because i actually use hulk in marvel ultimate alliance three um the abilities how you basically just gotta do a bunch of damage take out a bunch of enemies and then it eventually will reward you with that ball and then you get like i think on that game you get four abilities in like the alts it just it has a similar feeling to me but that's a good thing because i love that game i just like the rpg elements of this it's so nice bone shaker armored keeps procking i like that what's down here i love that you could just break stuff like look at that it doesn't even need to be in the game but it's it's there and it's lovely there's a path up through the research lab you have to bust through the server room this isn't you this monster isn't you doctor he wouldn't want his research destroyed he needs it nice shielded oh thanks so buddy not anymore you're not it's just fun to break stuff as bruce banner i don't know why destroying everything just feels nice oh god can't really go anywhere right here all right can i just get up there hold on yeah so so far if i had to say it man this has been a really awesome experience so far and we're only one i mean it's gonna be a long video probably cuz i'm treating this just like a part one i didn't think this would be the start of the game which is even more exciting we get the like they're not afraid of the story and the fact that it's this long had it just been the prologue i would have been happy yeah right oh my god it was nice i matched the uh triangle circle combo to gravel and it disappeared right when i did that all right here we go nice let's get it it's like i'm just i'm just fighting whoever man like you can lock onto one person but it's like there's so many people by the time you lock on they're already dead stranglehold heroic ready gonna wait i guess i could just use it on this guy why not the initial shock wave just took him out anyways all i got is stuff falling from the ceiling oh i got higher power gear and i didn't realize it oh here it is oh it's like okay there we go it's not much more powerful oh yeah this game is going to be addicting i already can feel the uh level of just like the replayability aspect the multi-player probably at certain point if it does have that i don't really know all the specifics of it but you know this is crazy man when i get more moves or whatever right now i got those things procking which is nice cause i'm gaining my health back while i use this other stuff jesus hold on i'm getting clapped right now hold on whoa easy now i gotta be careful my health is going down quick i'm getting it back now though that's good any single on the ground i should collect those there's a lot of stuff going on in this room right now oh watch out for the grenade hold on i'm in something called a paragenesis lab what is this feels like a pretty important area you made it they were keeping the inhumans in here what happened this is where they hurt them hulk i need you to destroy this lab smash restrain the hulk you saw the truth banner you were the only one we're fixing the damage the avengers did what we did all those years ago there is a chance nice let's get it that's going to do a lot of damage we can still see thunderclap's ready don't mind if i do jesus he's lying he's not saving anyone i really don't have to come to this let's destroy everything in here i like how you just absorb the wind you know oh yeah this game is so good oh my goodness guys i'm like my jaw is like on the ground right now i'm sitting here just like i mean just destroying everything defeat all the aim force i'm also trying to destroy everything in this room right [Music] now i love the elbow drop man it's so like i love how much effort he puts into every move there's no like wasted energy so i'm guessing like this chapter is like obviously trying to find tony stark and it's me and miss marvel well i mean obviously she's not i don't know if she has her abilities i don't know her actual story and all that stuff but we're just along for a journey next thing you know i turn into the hulk bruce banners no more all right here we go this is a lot of people in this area long as you have to think of this thing active it's like you can get away with so much here we go all right nice another one down no get out of there run we gotta go yo the cinematic fill this game is next level man no way the archive this has to be the way in hulk i think i found mr stark's archive uh i'm gonna try to get it open okay i need to get power to the doors looks like there's a generator over there all right guys that is it for now thank you guys so much for joining me on this long first video kind of treating this like i know it's a beta it's going to have a abrupt ending probably but i'm going to call this like part one and everything thanks again square enix for the early hook up had a lot of fun playing this game hopefully it showed uh i'm looking forward to playing as all the different characters i don't know what's all available i guess in this beta but i want to experience all of it so uh you guys are awesome best audience ever i'll talk to you guys very very soon peace guys

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