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A lot of us are spending more time at our desks more than ever, whether that be working from home or playing games in the evening. Therefore, it’s important that your PC accessories like your keyboard are going to make your life easier.
A general rule of thumb for a decent keyboard is finding one that doesn’t swamp your desk space, and allows you to type as many words per minute as possible without putting strain on your fingers, wrists, and arms. You also want it to be responsive enough to play games with, and any additional features like media keys are a bonus.
If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s great for both working and gaming with, you might want to consider the G Pro TKL from Logitech. It’s a gaming keyboard at heart, but it’s also great for everyday use thanks to its comfortable design and mechanical clicky switches. It’s currently down to its lowest-ever price on Amazon, giving you a satisfying saving of £42.

The G Pro TKL has 12 programmable F-Key macros and Lightsync RGB lighting, which can both be customised in the Logitech G-Hub software. There’s also dedicated keys for turning the lighting on and off, and for switching to game mode.
Logitech decided to put blue mechanical switches in the G Pro TKL, which is surprising considering that gaming keyboards usually have red switches and blue switches are considered the best for typing. However, Logitech are using their own GX Blue Clicky Switches which are engineered for performance, responsiveness and durability so it will be great for typing and gaming.
The G PRO RKLY is a tenkeyless keyboard, which removes the number pad section from a full-size keyboard but keeps the function row. This makes it just as easy to use as a full-size keyboard but saves you more room on your desk. The 3-prong detachable cable paired with the compact size also make this keyboard easy to pack into your bag and travel with – great if you work from home and in the office, too!
You can’t customise the G Pro TKL much, you can swap the keycaps if you wish but the ones it comes with are good. If you are interested in fully customising a keyboard you can read our budget custom keyboard guide to find the best way to make your own keyboard for less.
We hope this keyboard improves your working and gaming life! The Logitech G Pro series has other great gaming products, like the G Pro headset which is 50 percent reduced right now at Amazon. If you want to stay up-to-date on more Logitech deals, as well as deals from lots of other PC accessory makers, then follow the Jelly Deals Twitter so you don’t miss out.
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